He wears the flag

September 21, 2000

He wears the flag

By RICHARD F. BELISLE / Staff Writer, Waynesboro

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Pete Seville doesn't just wave the flag, he wears it.

Seville has wrapped every facet of his life is wrapped in the American Flag, including himself, from his underwear and socks to his pants, shirt and jacket.


His daily wardrobe, except for the uniform he wears as a driver's helper for an area trash pickup service, is red, white and blue.

Seville, 39, has never had a driver's license. He gets around on his red, white and blue bicycle, which is decked out with flags and bunting.


"It's rough getting around sometimes, but I've been managing all these years," he said.

His closet holds more than a dozen suits, all in flag colors or other patriotic motifs. He held up one outfit of which he is particularly proud - pants, shirt and jacket in an overall American eagle pattern. That set plus several others were made by a seamstress in Chambersburg, Pa. Most of the rest he ordered from catalogues, he said. Even his shoes carry the theme.

So does the room he rents above the Antrim House Restaurant in Greencastle.

Chairs, knickknacks, cups, wall decorations, towels and pillows show the stars and stripes.

The coverlet on his bed is a blue field with white stars. A small light in the shape of a flag over the bed helps to illuminate the room.

Seville has favored the flag for most of his life.

"I don't know why I do it. I just got into flag stuff when I was a teen. I was attracted by our country's colors so I just started dressing this way. Now everything I buy is flag stuff," he said.

"Some people say I'm a patriotic freak, but I don't care. A lot of people give me a thumbs up when they see me. They say, 'Yea, USA' or they call me Mr. America or Captain America."

He admits that he likes the attention that his outlandish attire attracts.

"That's not my only reason for dressing this way. To me it's a matter of pride. I do it because I'm really patriotic. It's my destiny," he said.

Seville said he has never read the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, but he considers himself patriotic because of his wardrobe and the statement it makes.

He said he sympathizes with the people who want to fly the Confederate flag over the South Carolina State Capitol. "They should be allowed to fly it because it's part of their history," he said.

He opposes burning an American flag in protest because "It's part of our heritage."

Seville said he writes a lot of letters to the editors of area newspapers to promote patriotism, the importance of voting and to draw attention to the plight of homeless people and veterans.

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