Hull grateful for all Terps memories

September 14, 2000

Hull grateful for all Terps memories

By DAN SPEARS / Staff Writer

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Four seasons ago, Mike Hull found himself in the starting lineup at tight end for the Maryland Terrapins. All the dreams of touchdowns and victories were right there before him.

Four years later, Hull is proof that dreams don't always come true.

"We've got some great athletes," the South Hagerstown graduate said recently. "I'm just willing to do my part and get some time on the field."

Four seasons ago, Hull was the great athlete. He started 10 games as a redshirt freshman for Maryland in 1997, the team's first under current head coach Ron Vanderlinden. He caught 13 passes that season - four of them against archrival West Virginia, including a touchdown. He was named all-academic ACC.

Things looked just fine.

Now Hull finds himself standing on the sidelines and buried on the depth chart, a forgotten man as he enters his final season at Byrd Stadium.


"I got a good bit of time the first year," Hull said. "And then the guy transferred in. And he was good. I had no problems with that."

"The guy" turned out to be John Waerig, who proceeded to start the last 22 games of his career in College Park, reducing Hull to a role on special teams and no catches over the next two seasons.

He's now third on the depth chart, but first by a mile in experience.

"Things definitely are a lot easier when you've been around for a while," Hull said with a grin. "It's our duties as seniors to pull them along a little bit and it's not as hard as they think.

"It's just kinda weird. It's hard to look forward to because this is not easy, but you're still with the guys ... you have a lot of fun."

That's the one thing that's making the transition easier - Maryland is winning.

"The big thing is the confidence around here," Hull said. "We started real well last year and that gave us a lot of confidence. Now it's just finishing things off. Hopefully that will add up to some more wins."

Whether it adds up to more playing time is yet to be seen. It's a concern that Hull hasn't worried about yet.

"Of course I would have loved some more time on the field (in my career)," Hull said. "I've had a great time. I don't think I'd change a thing."

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