Mail Call for 9/14

September 13, 2000

Mail Call for 9/14

Home towns would be welcome

Editor's note - The Daily Mail would like to begin putting your home town in Mail Call at the end of your response. It's not mandatory, but we think it would be interesting to see where the calls are coming from. You still don't have to leave your name, but a home town would be of interest. And just in case you're worried, we're not capable of tracing your call.

"I have two things. I think that the weather forecasters in Washington County should throw away all their sophisticated computer equipment and buy a dart board. Second, the Eastern Boulevard bypass was designed to eliminate the traffic in the downtown Hagerstown area. With all the building there and all the stores, all the offices, now we are going to have to build a bypass to bypass the bypass. Does this make sense? I don't think so."


"I see our Judge Boone is in the spotlight again. He puts the innocent people in jail and releases the sex offenders. Explain that one to me."

"I just read the Sept. 11 Mail Call and I have two comments. The recipe for poor man's crab cakes, there is no need for the tuna, it is just perfect with just the zucchini. I make them all the time. For the man whose wife got sentenced by Judge Boone for DUI. That is not a little innocent mistake. I am glad she got punished. DUI is serious."

"I wish the state workers would go into these nursing homes more. These poor people yell and scream and have to go to the bathroom and the nurses ignore them. I wish the state would go in and check these nursing homes, they really need help."

"I wanted to know why the third and fourth grade, the pee-wee junior football league, was not put in the sports section? The older kids were put in with their stats, the players and the returning players, but nothing about the pee-wees. We started our season on Sept. 10, and I think they should get some recognition also. Maybe Mike Sirbaugh could write something and put it in."

"The reason the officers down at MCI each donated their time for the inmates during the sports festival, is because that is the only way you can get promoted down there. I know because I work down there."

"I had the unfortunate experience Sunday. A girl with a small baby and her brother. She locked her kids in the car at Martin's on Dual Highway. She called the city police, the state police and the sheriff's and nobody would come out to do it. They said they don't do that anymore. I think they should do that because not everyone can afford to call the locksmiths or tow trucks. I think they should change their ways and do what is right for the people. They should serve the community and if they don't, what else are they good for?"

"I am calling about the poor man's crab cakes in Monday's paper. Whoever heard of putting tuna fish in crab cakes? That is ridiculous."

"Teens and players are needed for the four-on-four flag football league in Hagerstown. Call 301-739-4789, the number that was published in the paper on Saturday was incorrect."

"I am calling about the hyacinth bean vine plant. I let the first frost hit the beans, then I pick them and hold them over until spring."

"Has anyone seen the big billboard as you come into Hagerstown about a clean sweep. I think we will have a clean sweep of the mayor and council come next May."

"Mr. Bruchey is so concerned about kids cruising through Hagerstown, but he thinks it is perfectly all right to have 24-hour traffic cruising through Funkstown and areas surrounding to get to the second proposed Wal-Mart. He certainly didn't bother to come to the Funkstown Town Hall for the meeting where residents and a representative of Wal-Mart discussed the situation. I am guessing that if the cruising kids downtown could pay a big enough tax base, Mr. Bruchey wouldn't care if they came cruising through your living room downtown."

"As for the reason for the trains stopping In the area of Oak Hill Avenue and causing a traffic problem, you can thank Sen. Bud Shuster from Pennsylvania for this problem in Hagerstown. In keeping his personal interest in Chambersburg, he being the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, has appropriated funding to tear the tracks up through the City of Chambersburg. As a result of this act, several changes have to be made in and around the Hagerstown area to compensate for the rerouting of rail traffic. Perhaps you should have your local deligates address this traffic problem since it was created by your elected officials and has to be completed by November so Mr. Shuster can be re-elected to his position. By the way, find out how much money this is costing, and you will probably have the big one. As for you Western Maryland Railway supporters, this will draw an end to the last remaining section of the former railroad."

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