Area Golf Capsules

September 11, 2000

Area Golf Capsules

Compiled by JACK HILL III / Staff Correspondent
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School: Boonsboro Warriors
Coach: Chip Dickey, 2nd year
Career Record: 4-13

Returning Players (5): Jimmy Fortese, Sr.; Josh Mitchell, So.; Jason Gagliardi, Sr.; Colin Tierney, So.; Chris Lookabaugh, Jr.

Remaining Roster: Jeremy Fuchs, So.; Shane Mills, So.; Kevin Mills, So.; Tyler Hoyle, Fr.

Coach's Outlook: "We have five returning players who have a lot of experience from last year. I hope to translate that experience into more success this year. Our top two players, Josh Mitchell and Jimmy Fortese, have a chance to contend for the county title and qualify for the state tournament."

School: Clear Spring Blazers
Coach: Aline Novak, 5th year

Returning Players (10): Chris Hoffman, Jr.; Chris Michael, Jr.; Brandon Hendrickson, Jr.; Matt Bowman, Jr.; Phil Socks, Sr.; Nathan Sharer, Sr.; Adam White, Jr.; Tucker Gladhill, Jr.; Casey Constable, Jr.; Jonathan Mussley, So.

Remaining Roster: Brad Cline, Jr.; Matt Cline, Sr.; Chad Horst, Jr.; Dustin Shifler, Jr.


Coach's Outlook: "I think that we can win a few matches this season. I think that we have a lot of potential. That is especially the case with the juniors, in which many of them are in their third year."

School: Highland View Academy Tartans
Coach: Randy Nomura, 2nd year
Career Record: 4-5

Returning Players (2): Justin Young, Sr.; David Ottey, Sr.

Remaining Roster: Grant Benson, Jr.; Andre Castelbuono, Jr.; Curtis Colburn, Sr.; Kenny Turpin, So.

Coach's Outlook: "We want to improve on last year's record. We want to have a couple of players shoot under 40 for nine holes."

School: North Hagerstown Hubs
Coach: Kevin Hartman, 5th year
Career Record: 52-40

Returning Players (6): Kevin Barkow, Sr.; Matt Hess, Sr.; Tyler Kahl, Sr.; Adam Chupp, Jr.; Adam Ward, Jr.; Patrick Thomas, So.

Remaining Roster: Cole Bellon, So.; Jonathan Austin, So.; Nick Ranieli, Fr.; R.C. Myers, Fr.; Steve Stellard, So.

Coach's Outlook: "The returnees all have experience, but we did lose a lot with all of the seniors that graduated. The newcomers will need to contribute right away in order for us to remain competitive."

School: Smithsburg Leopards
Coach: Dan Neff, 2nd year
Career Record: 13-37

Returning Players (7): Jared Acre, Sr.; Ashley Grier, Jr.; Colter Heurich, So.; Clarke Grumbine, So.; Andrew Smith, So.; Andrew Weakland, So.; Steve Young, So.

Remaining Roster: Seiji Hirari, So.; Jeremiah Lafferty, Fr.; Rusty Wishard, Jr.; Dan Luipersbeck, So.

Coach's Outlook: "We're going to be real strong in the 1-2 positions. Seiji Hirari has played on several junior golf tours and Ashley Grier was First Team All-MVAL last year. Ashley was also Player of the Year on the Mid-Atlantic Tour this summer. We have some players back who got some experience last year."

School: South Hagerstown Rebels
Coach: Tim Chakwin, 1st year

Returning Players (4): Matt Belin, Sr.; Rob Powell, Sr.; Andrew Shelley, Sr.; Josh Norris, Jr.

Remaining Roster: Scott Steiner, Fr.; Austin Lewis, So.; Brent Miller, Jr.; Derek Myers, Jr.; Alex Linton, Fr.

Coach's Outlook: "We have three solid top players. If our top players can perform consistently, then we can fare well in the county and in the MVAL. Some of our other players also have some potential. We just have to see how well that our other players develop. Matt Belin has a chance to do well in the league championships and possibly qualify for the states."

School: St. James Saints
Coach: Mickey Kerns, 1st year

Returning Players (5): Ryan Moul, Sr.; Mike McCormack, So.; Drew McWilliams, Jr.; Mike Litman, Sr.; Joe Funkhouser, Jr.

Remaining Roster: Unavailable

Coach's Outlook: "Considering the fact that other than the returning players, the remainder of our team has yet to be determined. I can't really say how good of a team that we are going to be. Hopefully, some of our newcomers will be able to step in and play competitive golf. Coming off of an 18-1 season last year, I am sure that the expectations are high. However, we're still going to go out and play each match and continue to improve with each match."

School: St. Maria Goretti Gaels
Coach: Keith Bell, 12th year

Returning Players (7): Elliot Haren, Sr.; Justin Staubs, Jr.; John Sanicola, Jr.; Nick Marrone, Jr.; Mike Wade, So.; Peter Sanicola, So; Bobby Jones, So.

Remaining Roster: Tony Budny, So.; Shane Wisor, Fr.; Cory McCuen, Fr.

Coach's Outlook: "It is going to be a rebuilding season, because I lost four seniors from last season. But I am optimistic about this season, because there is strong play from the younger players. I think that we should do well this season."

School: Williamsport Wildcats
Coach: Rod Steiner, 3rd year
Career Record: 43-45-3

Returning Players (6): Steven Miles, Jr.; Jesse Hoffman, Sr.; Mike Griffee, Jr.; Matt Rauth, Sr.; Bryan Markell, Sr.; Brad Hartle, So.

Remaining Roster: Jason Hancock, So.; Luke Hintze, Fr.; Will Roney, Fr.; Andy May, So.

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