Mail Call for 9/8

September 08, 2000

Mail Call for 9/8

"Hi, Mail Call. I'm calling for a male friend of mine who is about 55 years old. He is looking for information about area singles groups, including, perhaps, church singles groups. If anybody has any information, could you please call in? Thank you."

"I'm calling to find out why, when the CSX train comes back in the early afternoons, coming up across Potomac and Oak Hill avenues, why it always has to stop for a few moments, causing traffic back-ups? I've lived on Oak Hill for almost 10 years, and until recently that just started. If someone knows, please call in Mail Call. Thank you."

"I would like to thank Maugansville branch of Hagerstown Trust for their customer service appreciation day last week. It was very nice, very well organized and thought out, and the girls were very friendly and courteous, making their customers feel more like friends than patrons."


"Hello, Mail Call. I found a pair of prescription eyeglasses on U.S. 40, right outside of Clear Spring. It was laying right along the road, looks like they, maybe, blew off a car or something - blew out a window? If you lost them, you could leave your name and number here in Mail Call, and I'll get back to you. Thank you very much."

"I just wanted to say I hope they don't put down any more shopping malls. Hagerstown has enough. And they don't need another Wal-Mart either, need to do more with the one they already have. Takes too long getting through the lines. And we don't need a new stadium either. Revamp the one we already have."

"To the parents of the disrespectful Western Heights Middle School students, would you please instruct your kiddies to refrain from throwing their trash, on their way to and from school, in people's yards? Teach them some respect, please. Thank you."

"Hello. In reading The Daily Mail of the 6th of September it appears that the opinion regarding parking lots or spaces expressed by Mr. Metzner is his own, rather than what may have been proposed. I would like to hear what's proposed."

"George Bush is always saying how he's for family values and a kinder Washington, D.C., where people aren't always complaining and bickering; and yet, he called a reporter a dirty word. I'm not really surprised that George Bush would do that. I'm a little more surprised that Dick Cheney agreed with him and said, 'Yeah, he is a big one.' Dick Cheney is an ordained minister, I believe with the Episcopal Church. Now, here we have a born-again Christian and a minister using dirty language. And you want to elect them as vice president and president of the United States? George Bush is a fool, and we should do better than have him as our president."

"I'd just like to wish Brendan B a happy 8th birthday. From Nick P."

"Good evening. I'm calling in response to the person that wrote a negative article about why you'd want to build in Washington County, and that the zoning rules are an absolute joke. I think you need to call the permits department and find out how many zoning violations have been cited by the building department. You'll be astonished that you'll see, probably, over thousands and thousands of violations since 1973 that they've enforced. And thank goodness we've had these laws, and that these good inspectors have enforced these laws. Yes, we're overburdened, but I think you'll find out that the zoning laws are important and that it's not a joke."

"When George W. was asked by a reporter who his advisor was and whose advice he respected most he said, Jesus Christ. Well, now, W., whose advice were you taking when you called Adam Chalmers 'a major league' you- know-what?"

"Hello, Mail Call. This is concerning the whereabouts of Doug, the weatherman from Channel 9. I happened to be watching the news the evening that they announced that this was going to be his last evening with Channel 9, but that he was going down the street to Channel 7. However, I haven't seen him on Channel 7, but this is what they announced his last evening at Channel 9. Thank you. Good-bye."

"Thank you very much, Mrs. Smith, for calling me about my lost pictures at Wal-Mart. It was greatly appreciated. Thanks again."

"We would like to wish Dougie of Sharpsburg a happy 20th birthday, Sept. 9. From his grandmother, Willie, and his grandmother, Doris."

"I wish the person that took my flowers off my front porch on Thursday is really happy with them, because I bought them to take them up on my wife's grave for our wedding anniversary, which was on Wednesday. Thanks a lot. You are really a good person."

"Hi. I am a long-time listener of WYII, 95.9. They play the best country music, the oldies and the new ones, which I enjoy so much. Those DJs are the greatest to talk to and listen to. Stacy, you make my morning with a cup of coffee. Keep the good work up. You are the best."

"If you go to a public school, ask yourself if the high school principal there has been to an away sporting event - an away game. Well, St. Maria Goretti's new principal, just hired this summer, has been to every away boys' and girls' soccer game. That tells you something about private education in Washington County. Thank you Mail Call."

"I'm just calling to say thanks to the person that called in the Poorman's crab cakes. I'm very thankful for that."

"Our family needs some help with transportation to and from Hagerstown to Johns Hopkins Hospital. The mother would like to see a critically ill son, and is having much difficulty getting there. If anybody can be of help, please call 301-665-3737."

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