Suspect nabbed during lunch break

September 07, 2000

Suspect nabbed during lunch break


WILLIAMSPORT - A man was being questioned by Martinsburg City Police Thursday night in connection with a bank robbery in Martinsburg, W.Va., earlier in the day.


The man was picked up while he was eating lunch with another man at a Williamsport eatery about 30 minutes after the noon robbery at City National Bank on Winchester Avenue in Martinsburg.

No charges had been filed by late Thursday, Martinsburg City Police said.

Bill Crowley, an FBI special agent stationed in Pittsburgh, said the robber walked into City National Bank about 11:55 a.m. "made an oral demand for money and left with an undetermined about of cash."

Crowley said the robber did not display a weapon during the robbery and that no one was hurt.

Maryland State Police Cpl. T.J. McKenrick of the Frederick, Md., barracks spotted a car that matched the description of the one in which the bank robber had left Martinsburg.


McKenrick said he was on his way to Hagerstown for a 1 p.m. appearance in court for traffic cases when he heard a report of the bank robbery over his police radio. Officers were told to be on the lookout for two white men in their 30s, traveling in a red Mercury Cougar with Virginia tags.

McKenrick said he decided to make a pass through downtown Williamsport at 12:30 p.m. to look for the men and noticed a red Cougar legally parked in front of Wolfe's Liquor Store at Town Square.

He called for backup and talked with a man who said he had seen two men arrive and get out of the car.

The witness told McKenrick that although the car was parked in front of the liquor store the men had gone into a restaurant across the street known in the community as Byer's Busy Corner.

Shortly afterward, officers from the Maryland State Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Department and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation converged on Town Square.

McKenrick said the witness accompanied him inside the restaurant and pointed out the two men who were at a table in the front of the restaurant.

"I went up to them and said 'hands up,'" McKenrick said.

The men were not armed and did not resist arrest, he said.

One of the men sitting at the table was taken to Martinsburg but was not held, Martinsburg City Police said.

McKenrick, meanwhile, went to the Hagerstown barracks to write up reports and do other paperwork, so he didn't make it to court for his seven traffic cases.

As a result, those traffic charges were dropped, he said.

"Seven people got lucky," McKenrick said.

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