South sees greener pastures with Richmond, Lee

September 07, 2000

South sees greener pastures with Richmond, Lee

By BOB PARASILITI / Staff Writer

The 2000 South Hagerstown football team could be compared to a daisy growing near a nuclear bomb blast.

It's the best way to explain how good the Rebels feel about this season after the 0-10 disaster that happened to them last year.

"None of us expected what happened," said upbeat coach Greg Kellick. "After last year, the coaches sat down and made the commitment to make it better. The kids did, too."

The coaching staff made the first move by going a different direction to get some information.

"I'm a Penn State fan. I sat there and said, 'Michigan shuts down Penn State all the time. Let's go up there and see what they are doing,'" Kellick said.


South's coaches went to Ann Arbor, Mich., to pick up some tips and employed them immediately to the Rebels' routine. Flirting with the enemy has paid off in conditioning and practice.

The rest of any turnaround hinged on South's attitude. But instead of a "woe is me," outlook, the Rebels have attacked the season with positive fashion, forming a close-knit group with some players stepping forward into leadership roles.

Then, everything was sealed when two players who didn't play last year showed up on Kellick's office doorstep for preseason practice.

"We were looking forward to last year," Kellick said. "We thought we would have Domonique (Richmond) and Mike (Lee) playing and we thought they would be with us until right before the season."

This season, they are back with the Rebels and will be the focal points of South's offense - Richmond as the speedy quarterback and Lee as the 6-foot-4, 295-pound fullback - which will feature the pair in option situations.

"We knew we could option Domonique to the outside," Kellick said. "We thought Lee could run, and he can."

Complimenting Lee in the backfield are Tony Marker and juniors Shannon Suttle and David Line. Marker is a 400-500 yard back while Line is another threat on the option.

Receivers Nick Maas and Tommy Gibson along with tight end Mike Jeter give Richmond creditable targets.

Despite having 31 players out for the team, South will have many of its offensive players on defense. The Rebels' makeup has Kellick remembering the way things should have been last season.

"We were thinking of 5-5 (last year)," Kellick said. "When you suffer like we have for the last couple of years, you need to make changes but not to just make changes but for a reason. You always worry about having another disaster. People want to know what kind of team we'll have and I really don't know. One of the best teams I ever had went 5-5."

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