Tri-State girls soccer capsules

September 05, 2000

Tri-State girls soccer capsules

Washington County


Coach: Karen Sornson (7th season)
Last Season: 4-7-3

Returning Starters: 8 - Ashley Reeder, Sr., F; Lindsay Hicks, Sr., M; Katy Kretzer, Sr., M; Maggie Tierney, Sr., M; Bethany Windle, Sr., M; Ashley Gossert, Sr., D; Krista Hurley, Sr., D; Cara Peckens, Sr., GK.

Remaining Roster: Allison Fries, Soph., F; Heather Young, Soph., M; Megan Seiler, Jr., D; Brittany Grove, Jr., D; Brittany Burtner, Jr., F; Ashley Amezcua, Jr., M; Sara Stump, Sr., F; Krystal Kennedy, Sr., D.

2000 Outlook: "These girls have played together for a long time," Sornson said. "We are looking at a strong season with an even stronger finish. These girls are ready to play ball."


Clear Spring

Coach: Scott Myers (4th season, 4-41-1).
Last Season: 2-12-1

Returning Starters: 5 - Kari Mowen, Sr., GK; Desiree Blankenship, Sr., D; Patsy Krenzer, Sr., M; Allison Gozora, Sr., F; Lauren Ebersole, Soph., M.

Remaining Roster: Jennifer Byers, Sr., D; Jessica Cunningham, Sr., M; Amber Pearl, Sr., M; Karen Beckner, Sr., M; Courtney Smith, Jr., M; Ashley Keeney, Soph., D; Karen Worthington, Soph., M; Tawnya Blair, Fr., F; Charly Mulligan, Soph., M.

2000 Outlook: "We need to stay healthy because of our low numbers. We need to move the ball well and keep control as a team or it can fall apart for us," Myers said. "I'm looking to our senior leadership, if they can step up we can surprise a few teams this year."

North Hagerstown

Coach: Rick Aleshire (2nd season, 8-6-1)
Last Season: 8-6-1

Returning Starters: 8- Nikki Holman, Sr., F; Megan Hudak, Sr., F; Lindsay Smith, Sr., F; Katie Hall, Sr., D; Kristen Shoemaker, Sr., D; Brittany Tesla, Sr., D; Ellery Hanlin, Sr., F; Courtney Clark ,Sr., D

Remaining Roster: Emily Clutz, Sr., GK; Ashley Throckmorton, Soph., M; Michelle Fickes, Soph., D-M; Erin Snell, Sr., M; Jessica McAllister, Sr., M; Lauren Voglesong, Jr., D; Kendall Brown, Jr., F; Kaycie Parfitt, Jr., M; Allison Hammond, Jr., M; Alexis Suiter, Fr., GK; Corrie Jones, Fr., F.

2000 Outlook: "We're loaded with seniors and a lot of good senior leadership so we're looking for a better year than last year," Aleshire said. "The underclassmen coming in have been playing club ball around the area and will give us good support."

South Hagerstown

Coach: Bruce Buhrman (6th season)
Last Season: 7-9

Returning Starters: 6 - Alison Higgs, Sr., F; Mallory Tsetsilas, Jr., F; Leslie Spielman, Jr., M; Ashley Mullican, Jr., GK; Katie Cantler, Jr., D; Brianne Jamison, Soph., F.

Remaining Roster: Lauren Cecil, Fr., M; Ashley Martz, Fr., F; Kelsey McGee, Fr., M; Megan Nelson, Jr., D; Valerie Schmidt, Soph., D; Alicia Bruce, Jr., D; Angie Ippolito, Sr., M; Brianne Jamison, Soph., F; Stacy Davis, Jr., F; Nina Ionashku, Jr., D.

2000 Outlook: "We are going to rebuilding ths year, but I believe that we are going to have a very successful season," Buhrman said. "We have some key players returning and we have a promising set of newcomers."

St. James

Coach: Chris Hughes (2nd season, 2-12)
Last Season: 2-12.

Returning Starters: 8 - Claire Saylor, Jr., D; Emily Hilton, Jr., M; Courtney Holzapfel, Fr., M; Beth Hansen, Soph., D; Meghan Harman, Jr., GK; Soja Morgens, Soph., M; Emily McCormack, 8, F; Julia Hager, Sr., D.

Remaining Roster: Teresa Pecoraro, Soph., M; Jessica Greenberg, Fr., M; Annika Sellgren, Fr., F; Meghan Pennington, Soph., D; Rebecca Kain, Fr., F; Amy Venditta, Sr., D; Kristen DiGirolamo, Soph., D; Saya Tomita, Soph., F; Rachel Eyler, Jr., D; Whitney Neilson, Fr., GK.

2000 Outlook: "We're still a very young team with a lot of returning players who had an extra year to work together," Hughes said. "There will be a lot of growing over the course of the year but we are in a position to be competitive with most of the teams on our schedule."


Coach: John Weimer (6th season, 58-18-2)
Last Season: 18-3

Returning Starters: 6 - Alexis Paza, Jr., D; Becky Pulieri, Sr., D-GK; Kaci Resau, Sr., M; Skyler Sanders, Sr., M; Sammi Smiles, Jr., F; Brooke Weimer, Sr., M.

Remaining Roster: Jennifer Brown, Jr., F; Stacey Cannon, Jr., M; Jill Mease, Jr., D; Tiffany Palmer, Jr., D; Gouri Tawady, Jr., D; Holli Bowers, Soph., D; Lindsay Dellinger, Kara Hoffman, Soph., D; Jessica Piper, Jr., F; Cathy Pulieri, Soph., M; Rachel Smith, Soph., D; Emilee van Norden, Soph., M.

2000 Outlook: "Although we only have four seniors returning they were all starters on last year's state final team," Weimer said. "Combined with the seven returning juniors from last year's team, I feel their experience and their scoring ability will lead us to another trip to the state finals."

Frederick County


Coach: Chuck Smith (1st season)
Last Season: 1-10

Returning Starters: 4 - Shannon Hough, Sr., GK; Emily Huffer, Sr., M; Kristin Kennedy, F; Elizabeth McCallum, Soph., F.

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