Labor Day celebrated with friends, family

September 04, 2000

Labor Day celebrated with friends, family


Labor Day means a lot to members of the Dick family of Washington County. For the past 54 years they have gathered at various Hagerstown parks to celebrate summer's last hurrah by holding a family reunion.

This year about 55 family members, mostly from Hagerstown, convened at a Doub Woods Park pavilion for an afternoon of good food, games, music and remembrances.

Other people in Washington County decided to say good-bye to summer by watching the Hagerstown Suns bring home a win, picnicking and playing baseball at Hagerstown's City Park or by stopping to enjoy an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen on Dual Highway.

Peggy Hardinge of Hagerstown and her family spent six months preparing for the Dick family reunion, she said.

Hardinge said many of her relatives have never missed one of their reunions.

"I told my son in college, that I'll understand if he can't come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas but he better be here for this," said Hardinge.


Not only did Hardinge's son Chad Easterday oblige, he brought along a girlfriend to enjoy the festivities, she said.

The Dick family transcended the expected fare of hot dogs and hamburgers and prepared traditional family favorites. "We try to make it special," she said.

Hardinge prepared her special spinach salad for the reunion to go with the main course of fried tenderloin made by Ernie and Jane Fainniff Jr. of Hagerstown.

After eating, children and adults spent time playing games such as the Pony Express, a relay game and then relaxing with some songs sung by Hardinge and others.

The winner of the race was presented with a gilded sneaker fashioned into a trophy.

"It's quite an honor," said Hardinge.

At Hagerstown's Municipal Stadium, a lively crowd watched the Suns beat the Cape Fear Crocs 1-0 Sunday afternoon.

Cindy Phillips of Falling Waters, W.Va., came to the stadium with family and friends because they are big Suns fans and wanted to see the last game of the season, she said.

She said the game was a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors.

Her family has watched the Suns play about six times this season, she said.

At the stadium, lines for the concession stands were long as fans waited for the last Suns hot dogs and French fries of the 2000 home season.

The Hagerstown Sun's mascot Jay Jay strolled around the stadium making friends and holding hands with plenty of interested children.

The baseball game offered a little of everything for the Murray family of Hagerstown, said Kathleen Murray.

Murray said her family usually divides up during the game with she and her daughters spending time at the stadium's jungle gym and her husband and sons watching the game.

A Suns family coupon made the game affordable too, she said.

At Hagerstown's City Park, plenty of people were using grills to cook and take advantage of the sunny weather.

Children scrambled over the playground toys, screaming with pleasure while many adults played Frisbee and took a stroll through the scenic park.

The Dairy Queen on Dual Highway was a hot spot on Monday with a steady stream of customers, said a store employee.

A long line of people waiting for their hot fudge sundaes and banana splits could be seen all day as well as long lines of cars at the drive-through.

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