Campaign 2000 - Notes from the trail 9/4

September 04, 2000

Campaign 2000 - Notes from the trail 9/4

Official kick-off

Don DeArmon, Democratic challenger for Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett's 6th District congressional seat, officially kicks his campaign into high gear starting today in Howard County.

DeArmon's campaign schedule calls for him to visit a different county in the district each day this week. Each visit will include a stop at a senior citizens center, a downtown walk, and a prominent business.

On Friday, DeArmon will be in Hagerstown. His schedule includes a 11:30 a.m. visit to the Alexander House and a 1:30 p.m. walking tour of downtown. Local Democratic officials are expected to walk with DeArmon.

DeArmon's campaign headquarters, 49 S. Carroll St., in Frederick, will officially open 6 p.m. on Thursday. The headquarters' phone is 301-524-5884.

Local GOP pushing Bush

The Washington County George W. Bush campaign will have a booth at the Sept. 9 Sports expo at the Agricultural Education Center, according to local Bush coordinator Richard G. Everhart. Demand for Bush-Cheney signs is high, Everhart said. Those wanting signs can call 301-797-4966.

Everhart added the local GOP hopes to have a working phone moved to its 138 W. Washington St. headquarters in downtown Hagerstown by Sept. 14. The number is 301-739-2118.

Democrats ready to reopen headquarters

Washington County Democrats hope to reopen their offices at 12 Jonathan St. within the next two weeks, according to Terry Smith, treasurer of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee.

Stonemetz Appointed

According to U.S. Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., Jerry L. Stonemetz has been appointed to serve on the Republican Presidential Committee and has been assigned to Maryland.

Stonemetz will be "a key player in this election," Davis, chairman of the Republican Presidential Committee, said in a press release.

Stonemetz is expected to assume a "crucial role" in the Republican Party's efforts to maintain the GOP majority in the House of Representatives. The GOP holds a six-seat majority in Congress.

Maryland GOP officials, however, said they've never heard of Stonemetz.

"He's not familiar to me," said Suzanne Knighton, the state's new GOP political director. Knighton said when she contacted the Republican Presidential Committee, the organization that released the appointment, "they thought I was speaking Latin."

Officials at the Republican Presidential Committee said they could not release personal information on Stonemetz. Calls to the National Republican Congressional Committee, as well as Davis' congressional office, for more information on Stonemetz were not returned to the Herald-Mail.

According to the Republican Presidential Committee press release, Stonemetz was given the job because of his contributions to the GOP and his support of GOP ideas, particularly, debt reduction and tax reform.

Debating the issues

Judicial Watch, a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation in Washington, D.C. dedicated to being an ethics and legislative watchdog of government, has scheduled a presidential debate at 8 p.m. Oct. 20.

The debate will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

So far, four presidential candidates have committed to debate "How to Restore Ethics to Government." They are Democratic Party candidate Al Gore, Constitution Party candidate Howard Phillip, Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne and Reform Party candidate Patrick J. Buchanan.

"In most sports you have to make the cut, or earn your spot in the playoffs," Browne said. "No teams gets a bye to the Super Bowl, or a free pass to the World Series, no matter how heavily favored you are. The Al Gore and George W. Bush teams are heavily favored to win, but they need to take on the wildcards, the dark horses and the Cinderella candidates to prove they deserve to stand alone."

Coy endorsed

Clean Water Action, a national citizens' group working for clean and safe water has endorsed Pennsylvania State Rep. Jeff Coy, R-Franklin-Cumberland, in his re-election bid.

Getting registered

The deadline to register for the Nov. 7 election in Maryland is Oct. 13. by 9 p.m.

The Washington County Board of Elections is at 33 W. Washington St., Hagerstown. The phone number is 301-791-3030.

The deadline in Pennsylvania and West Virginia is Oct. 10.

The phone number for voter registration in Franklin County, Pa., is 717-261-3886; in Berkeley County, W.Va., it's 304-264-1989 and in Jefferson County, W.Va., it's 304-728-3246.


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