Many find fulfillment at work

September 03, 2000

Many find fulfillment at work

By JULIE E. GREENE / Staff Writer

Like several Tri-State area residents, Jerry Carl loves his job because it's challenging and he gets to meet new people.

But, that's not the main reason, said Carl, who responded to The Herald-Mail's inquiry to recognize area residents who love their job in honor of Labor Day.


"I traveled for a living for 23 years and now I have a job where I'm home," he said.

As an electronic service engineer, Carl, 52, of Smithsburg, traveled around the world, sometimes spending as much as two months at a time away from his family.

Now he works as an industrial electrician for Mack Trucks, where he gets to meet more of the firm's hundreds of employees every day and comes home every night to his wife and children.


Boonsboro Middle School music teacher Laurie Baker loves her students, often going the extra mile for them.

She spends her spare time reading books and watching movies they're interested in and attending their extracurricular activities.

"It helps you relate to the kids," said Baker, 45, of Falling Waters, W.Va. She also holds "CD Days" where the kids bring in their favorite music so she can catch up on what they like.

Sandra Kline, assistant sales manager for Regional Cable Network, a division of Antietam Cable Television, likes her job because it permits her to work with people, be an organizer and be creative.

"It allows me to make a good living while I get to be me," said Kline, 47, of Clear Spring.

Several Tri-State area residents love their jobs because they have a comfortable working atmosphere thanks to co-workers and clients.

Linda Harrison, 42, of Cascade, said her co-workers at Mack Trucks are like family.

"We mourn together and celebrate the good things," said Harrison, who has worked at Mack for more than 22 years.

And customers have become friends for Harrison, a material control analyst.

Teresa Gates, 36, of Smithsburg, also appreciates her co-workers and the regular customers who stop in the Dual Highway AC&T where she is store manager.

"I have a really good team. We're like family," Gates said. "I like customer service. It keeps people coming back and (it) is good for the company."

Lisa Evans, 33, of Hagerstown, said the atmosphere is so great at work that people "want to stay late and work because they love it so much."

"I've never worked with a group of people who are so caring, not just to each other, but to our clients," Evans said. She does clerical and administrative work for the Washington County Mental Health Center-Child and Adolescent Services, which provides psychiatric and psychological therapy for youths.

Louisa Chambers, 46, of Hagerstown, said her co-workers and clients help create a "loving environment" at Ravenwood Adult Day Services.

"I share my life with them as does everyone there. It's just real upbeat. We have a lot of fun," said Chambers, a nurse who cares for people with varying degrees of mental and physical impairments.

Ruby Roach, 38, of Hagerstown, loves her job at First Data Merchant Services because of her managers, Walt and Cindy.

"They are always on our side. They do everything they can for us. They boost morale," said Roach, who has worked for the credit card processing firm for more than four years.

Roach said her managers say hi every day and constantly give her feedback on how well she's doing.

Hazel Gibson, 61, of Frederick, Md., said she loves waiting on tables at Oldies Music Legends Restaurant & Lounge in Frederick County because she likes her customers.

"It's half fun, half work. Most people don't understand that," Gibson said.

Carolyn Smith, 49, of Hagerstown, enjoys meeting different people as branch office administrator for the Edward Jones investment firm in Martinsburg, W.Va.

"You learn a lot from them," Smith said. "You find out a lot of things about people and most people are very nice."

Washington County Hospital Total Rehab Care occupational therapist Wendy Radonovich-Crum, 33, of Smithsburg, loves interacting with patients and helping them recover from injuries, illnesses or surgeries.

Lou Vogel, who lives near Walkersville, Md., said he has a passion for his job as director of Northampton Manor Health Care Center in Frederick County.

Vogel said his job is about improving the quality of life for senior citizens.

"We're all growing older. It's a ministry for me," he said.

Jan Marcus, 38, of Frederick, has three jobs and loves them all.

Marcus is the official scorer for the Hagerstown Suns, statistician for Shepherd College, W.Va., football and program specialist in Carroll Community College's Continuing Education Division.

His job at the college allows him to make a difference in people's lives while his jobs with baseball and football pay him to watch sports.

"Getting paid to watch baseball is cool, plus I've made some incredible friends," Marcus said.

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