Trojans learning again

August 31, 2000

Trojans learning again

Chambersburg has no choice but youth movement

By DAN SPEARS / Staff Writer

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Every year, the goals don't change for the Chambersburg football program, just the players.


With so much influx for the 2000 season, though, head coach Don Folmar may just want to go back and state the goals again.

"Every year we always talk about three goals: have a winning season, win the league and make the playoffs," Folmar said. "But I think they know it's going to take a great effort to meet those goals (this year)."


The Trojans are coming off a 4-6 season, but there aren't many players that can actually remember going through it. Chambersburg has 28 sophomores and just 14 seniors on its roster, and even some of them are first-timers.

"(The kids) realize that we're fairly young and inexperienced. Even in the places where we have older guys, they're really inexperienced," Folmar said. "Our season's going to depend on how the young guys will step up."

The biggest steps will be taken at two of the team's usual cornerstones - running back and linebacker.

On offense, the Trojans will be without starter Jeremiah Selvey for the first three games, leaving his duties to senior Quashawn Hendrix, a 5-foot-10, 204-pound senior who's never played football.

"It's all new to him, but he's picking it up well," Folmar said. "The other guys are small, quick kids, and he's more a power-type runner."

He'll be supported by three returners on the offensive line, slotback Chip Brown, wide receiver Adam Witter and quarterback Troy Wile.

On defense, the linebacking corps is virtually untested on the varsity level. Anthony Hoover, who will double on the o-line, and Josh Rowland are both seniors, but have only caught glimpses of life in the Mid Penn Commonwealth. It means working backward to move forward.

"We've spent a lot on (fundamentals)," Folmar said. "Like last night, we went back to some basics, just simple reads and that sort of thing. Hopefully they'll get better."

Getting better doesn't always equal success in the Commonwealth right away, and the Trojans know it. For once, those goals may have to change a little bit.

"We've been real happy with our sophomore group. We've got a lot of guys there that plan to contribute to what we're going to do," Folmar said. "They just know they're going to have to concentrate and focus and improve each week."

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