Tri-State area volleyball capsules

August 31, 2000

Tri-State area volleyball capsules



Coach: Kris McGee
Seasons With School: 7th year
Career Record: Not available

Returning Starters: (2) Jenn Frey, Sr., middle hitter. Leah Easterday, Jr., setter.

Remaining Roster: Katie Ambrose, Sr., hitter. Kelly Baldwin, Sr., hitter. Amanda Frew, Sr., middle hitter. Mandy Binder, Jr., setter. Meghan Sholty, Jr., defensive specialist. Heather Napoli, Jr., defensive specialist. Danielle Strite, Jr., middle hitter.

McGhee's overview: "We're going to use all of the girls on the team and work for real consistency in our play. Even though I don't have a lot of girls, the players that I do have are dedicated. Several played club volleyball and we have a lot to offer to our opponents. Our girls are constantly working hard."



Coach: Dannette Linn
Seasons With School: 1st year

Returning Starters: (4) Emily Calliope, Sr., setter. Vanessa Ruffin, Sr., hitter. Michelle Moore, Sr., hitter. Rebecca Fraker, Sr., hitter.

Remaining Roster: Jessica Biddle, So. Allison Crutchfield, So. Sara Goggin, Jr. Melissa Gunter, Sr. Cheryl Higgins, Jr., Heidi Portner, Jr., Beth Snyder, Jr.

Clear Spring

Coach: Robin Kriner
Seasons With School: 1st year

Returning Starters: (3) Tara Myers, Sr., setter. Megan Springer, Sr., outside hitter. Amie Eichelberger, Sr., setter.

Remaining Roster: Stacie Crist, Sr., defensive specialist. Renee Repp, Sr., outside hitter. Sarah Barr, Jr., outside hitter. Jami Funk, Jr., middle hitter. Ashley Gehr, Jr., middle hitter. Ariann Rowe, Jr., setter. Katie Wetzel, Jr., outside hitter. Jamie Poffenberger, So., outside hitter. Heather Yost, So., outside hitter.

Kriner's overview: "If we continue to work as hard as we've been working in practice, then we have a chance to put together a few wins. We have got some strength in our setting and our serving."

Grace Academy

Coach: Lisa Hill
Seasons With School: 4th year
Career Record: Not available

Returning Starters: (4) Heather Kendall, Sr., setter. Susanna Hill, So., outside hitter. Stephanie Anthony, Jr., middle hitter. Lauren Durbin, So., middle hitter.

Remaining Roster: Sherie Basore, So., outside hitter. Elizabeth Perrow, So., outside hitter. Daniele Sowers, Fr., defensive specialist. Stephanie Horchner, 8th Grade, defensive specialist. Rachel Perrot, 8th Grade, defensive specialist.

Hill's overview: "I am seeing some very positive things. Even though I have a young team, I saw a lot of strong leadership and teamwork. I feel that we are capable of winning a lot of matches. It will be a great year for the girls to jell and learn how to play together. Some of the young players are learning fast."


Coach: Debbie Bowman
Seasons With School: 4th year
Career Record: Not available

Returning Starters: (1) Bethany Sterner, Sr., setter.

Remaining Roster: Heather Fowler, Sr., hitter. Lacey McCusker, Sr., hitter. Darlene Marshall, Sr., hitter. Monica Fox, Sr., setter. Ashley Norris, Sr., hitter. Melody Thomas, Sr., hitter. Alicia Barnard, Jr., hitter.

Bowman's overview: "From what I can see right now, we ought to have a pretty good team. Our strong points are our hitting and our serving. Everybody is getting along with each other very well. We don't give up very easily. We do what we can to get to a ball and get it over the net. I am impressed with what I see so far in pre-season practice."

Heritage Academy

Coach: Young-Sook Anderson
Seasons With School: 1st year

Returning Starters: (2) Jeannette Kidd, Sr., hitter. Karen Daley, Jr., setter.

Remaining Roster: Abby Ellis, So., hitter. Chrissy Ennis, So., setter. Johanna Lee, So., hitter. Tiffany Marquiss, Sr., hitter. Robin Janocha, So., hitter. Jeanin King, So., hitter. Ashley Prince, Fr., hitter. Heidi Stamper, Fr., middle hitter. Heather Stamper, 8th Grade, setter. Whitney Schlimgen, 8th Grade, hitter.

Anderson's overview: "We have been practicing very hard. I have been focusing on physical training such as sprinting, long distance running and cardiovascular training. We have a lot of young people on the team. I am looking forward to having a good season. Our girls are starting to get some mental confidence in themselves. Our girls are very much looking forward to starting the season."

Highland View Academy

Coach: Randy Nomura
Seasons With School: 1st year

Returning Starters: (4) Christy Bennett, Sr., hitter. Laurelle Byrd, Sr., setter. Lauren Nudd, Jr., hitter. Amber Morrison, Sr., hitter.

Remaining Roster: Monica Jackson, Sr., setter. Bonnie Strahle, Sr., hitter. Katie Minner, Jr., setter. Stephanie Peden, Sr., hitter. Jennifer Long, Sr., hitter. Lara Musante, Sr., setter.

Nomura's overview: "We want to improve on our 12-7 record from last year. We just want our girls to have a good experience and have fun playing this year. We have a lot of people returning from last year. I feel pretty good about our girls' abilities. I am pretty excited about what can happen this year."

North Hagerstown

Coach: Jaime Pryor
Seasons With School: 2nd year
Career Record: 11-4

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