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Mail Call for 8/30

August 30, 2000

Mail Call for 8/30

"I applaud Greg Smith for compiling a list of more than 500 properties with weeds and abandoned cars, etc., which need to be cleaned up. I agree with Mr. Smith that the city should have more inspections. I also have a suggestion that might help solve the problem. The first time the property is cited, they should get a limited number of days to take care of the problem. If the problem arises later that year, such as high grass and abandoned cars, the property owner should get a large fine."

"I would like to wish our daughter Katie a happy birthday on Aug. 29 and my husband, Dean, a happy birthday on Sept. 1. Love always, Debbie."

"I want to wish our little angel, Katie, a happy birthday on Aug. 29. Love, Granny and Pappy Ray."

"I read where someone is digging up dirt on our former president, Richard Nixon. I guess they don't have any more to dig up on our sitting president, they had to dig up stuff on a dead one that cannot defend himself."


"I called Meals on Wheels attempting to get a list of their menu. I was unable to get this information. Maybe they could put their weekly menu in The Herald- Mail like the Commission on Aging does."

"Tim Rowland, your article on a Sunday afternoon drive, brought back pleasant memories of those drives in the past. Tim, you are one of the top reasons I subscribe to The Herald-Mail."

"I was calling in regards to the articles in the paper about the people in Hagerstown going around and making the people who own the property clean it up because they have trash and old cars sitting around. That is fine, but what about the rural routes? I live on a rural road where a lady has four abandoned cars in her yard, she complains about rats in her yard, but she has so much trash in her yard, it's no wonder. Another place up the road, the grass doesn't get mowed until it is four feet tall. That is ridiculous. The road is Garis Shop Road. I think something should be done about this."

"It is 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 28 and a trailer is being set up in Chestnut Grove in a well-kept residential area by the Washington County government. Why don't the County Commissioners explain to the neighbors what this is all about? Is this a temporary construction trailer or is it a permanent trailer?"

"The neighbors across from me have the prettiest trees in their yard and I wish they would plant one or two more. They are so beautiful, I wish someone could ride by in the southern part of the county and see them. They are beautiful trees."

"I am wondering if anyone has any information about the person who attacked the black Labrador in downtown Hagerstown earlier this summer? I hope that this person has been apprehended and prosecuted for that offense. If anyone knows anything about it, call Mail Call and let me know."

"Sharpsburg Pike, Downsville Pike, U.S. 40, Leitersburg Pike, interstates, Franklin Street, Washington Street, name just about any street and people are speeding and tailgating. Come on, commanders of our police department, issue orders for your officers to get out of their cars and go to work, before more people get killed."

"If it takes one gentleman a few weeks to find addresses, why does it take another gentleman until the end of the year to recheck them?"

"I totally agree with the call about the tractor-trailer sitting in front of homes and parking cars in the grass. Come to Tammany, it is a terrible sight. It used to be out of respect for the neighbors in our neighborhood. But now people don't have any respect for other neighbors, people do not have any respect of what their property looks like, let alone how it makes the rest of the neighborhood look. Move the truck from in front of your house and then you will have plenty of parking instead of parking in the grass."

"I could not let such a good deed go unnoticed. It all happened the night of the Augustoberfest. The great '50s and '60s band. As the event ended, I got up to go home and I felt dizzy and not able to get my balance and a police officer asked me if I was OK. I told him I was taking medicine because of my medical condition and that I must be experiencing side affects of my medicine. He was kind and walked me about a block to my home to make sure that I got to my apartment OK. I did not get his name, but to me, he went above the call of duty and I want to thank him very much."

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