Memory of first day of school fades for many folks

August 27, 2000

Memory of first day of school fades for many folks

By TARA REILLY / Staff Writer

For some students and teachers alike, the first day of school might cause a few jitters, upset stomachs and night-before insomnia.


But don't sweat it. In a few years those experiences will be last night's supper. At least that's what some area residents say.

"I can't remember," said David Lizer, 53, of Hagerstown. "That was quite a while ago."

In fact, Lizer said he only has a handful of school memories. The one that came to mind first was walking to elementary school in Fairplay.

He and a group of kids would walk about a quarter of a mile to school everyday with a police officer.


Donna Messina, community relations specialist for Washington County Public Schools, said she doesn't have any specific memories but recalls being told she was part of the first class at Clear Spring Elementary School when it opened for the 1955 school year.

"I'm not sure if I remember that, but I remember the story," Messina said.

Janice Rowland, 84, of Williamsport, said she can remember her first day of school and also remembers her teacher.

"She was a strict teacher, but I learned a lot from her," Rowland, a retired teacher said. "I liked her."

Rowland went to school at the old Howard Street school.

"I really enjoyed my first year of school," she said.

Paul Pittman, executive director of Resources for Children and Families, remembers taking his daughter, Sarah, now 19, to the bus stop with his wife for Sarah's first day at Emma K. Doub Elementary School in Hagerstown.

"We were taking her to the bus stop, and she hopped on the bus without any problems. She got into her seat and started to cry and was clawing the windows as the bus pulled away," Pittman said. "And we both stood there and cried as she left."

Pittman, who attended 13 different schools in 12 years, said memories of his first day of school got lost over the years.

"I had many first days of school at many different schools," he said.

He does, however, recall getting ready for a new school year.

Gina Walker, 35, of Hagerstown, said the only part of school she remembers is playing outside. Walker grew up in Hagerstown and went to the old Surrey School, North Potomac Middle School and North Hagerstown High School.

"I can't really recall anything," Walker said. "That was a long time ago."

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