Letters to the Editor 8/26

August 25, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/26

Kids are coming

To the editor:

On Aug. 28, more than 850,000 Maryland students will be heading off to school. Emerging onto streets and sidewalks will be a new crop of children excited about their first day of school, focused on anything but traffic.

In a hurry to get to school, children often dash across the street without looking for approaching vehicles, an action commonly referred to as "dart-out." They are more vulnerable to being struck by a vehicle since their actions are often impulsive and they are harder to see.

During the summer we become accustomed to driving on roads without school buses and through empty school crossing zones on our daily commute to and from work. But soon the roads will be filled with school buses and the sidewalks filled with students. Remember the rules of the road, exercise caution, and above all, slow down!


During the next several weeks, AAA Mid-Atlantic will be carrying out its annual School's Open - Drive Carefully educational campaign. AAA School Safety Patrol members with their familiar neon orange belts will be on full alert for dangerous situations. We ask that all drivers be on full alert too.

Myra L. Wieman

Manager of Public Affairs

Mid-Atlantic AAA

Towson, Md.

Media bias shows up at conventions

To the editor:

Well, you can tell the campaign season is getting into full swing. How do I know this, one might ask? It's called the double standardized test.

This test occurs markedly at the height of the campaign season when the Republicans and Democrats are competing for the highest office of the land.

Seriously folks, it seems the mainstream media couldn't find the time in their busy schedules to include the Republican convention in their repetoire.That's because we had to watch the second and third reruns of "Ally McBeal", "Seinfeld," and "Friends" and others too numerous or hollow to mention.

I know you are familiar with the "mainstream media types" - for example CNN (Clinton & Co. News Network); ABC (American Broadcasters for Clinton & Co.); NBC (National Broadcasters for Clinton & Co.); and last but certainly not least, CBS (Clinton & Co. Broadcasting System).

But the media is now going to redeem itself and will show the Democrat convention all week long! In fact, as I write, some of the media conventioneers began some coverage on Sunday morning!

It seems that they are also reporting the "rich" Republican Dick Cheney's retirement holdings; and how the retirement from the oil services company he owned might show leanings towards Big Oil.

That's a little ironic as Al Gore, running for president in the Democrat Party, has stock holdings in an oil company, Occidental Oil. And yet, do we hear anything about Gore's conflict of interest or ask how much he might lean towards oil companies if he should become president, or just how much Mr. Gore's holdings are worth?

Also how about Gore the "environmentalist slum lord"? Why don't we hear more discussion about Ms. Mayberry and her family in Tennessee and the horrid conditions in which her family lived? It was mentioned one time in the news and Gore claimed he knew nothing about it. Yet her rent checks were made out to him and she apparently made calls to him with no results until she went to another Congressman who led her to the top. How come no follow-up, mainstream media? That's because they want to protect their buddy and pal, Al.

Finally, we know all of this is true because of the poll taken several years ago. With the print media alone, when they voted in the '92 election, 89 percent voted for Clinton.

If the public wants unbiased reporting, the only place to go where there is no comment is C-Span. If you want to see the both sides of the issue, Fox News Channel is the place to go. Unfortunately, we, as cable viewers only have the option of C-Span; even though it has been reported over the last several weeks that CNN has been rated lower in viewers than THE Fox News Channel!

One would think that as a cable company, Comcast, you would want to keep the higher rated shows as part of your programming.

I can tell you as one cable viewer, I'm truly dismayed as to what options are provided and hope that some day, we'll see a change for better viewing; when viewrs have a choice in balanced programming to make their own decision as to what is news and not have it predetermined by a group of people so biased in their beliefs that they try to pressure others to accept them, as well!

Does the term brain-washing and the phrase "the Third Reich," nazism or "the red menace" era of Communism ring a bell?

Mary Burkholder

Chambersburg, Pa.

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