Letters to the Editor 8/25

August 24, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/25

An agenda for the nation

To the editor:

The people who I talk to state that there is no difference between the two political parties, and I say "why?" Because all they want is more money, giving themselves a big raise and us a small 2.8 percent increase. If they really cared for the little people, those making $15,000 or less would pay no income tax, giving them a real break and a chance to live better. The IRS has got to go, but whichever party is in office does the same as the other one. Why?

Our president gave secrets to China, but no one did a thing about it. Why? Does he have the goods on all of you? The people state that and so do I. Many of us believe in term limits - three terms for the House of Representatives and two for the U.S. Senate.


These people in office believe they own the U.S. Supreme Court members should be in office for 10 years and have to run five years after. Our forefathers had no idea we would have people like this is office.

If you want to give people in office a raise, don't give them a percentage raise, but a flat raise, across the board.

The ACLU should be barred from this country. If and when we stand before God, what will we say to him? One of these days it will come and no one can get out of it for taking prayer and the Bible out of our schools. There is no part or article in our U.S. Constitution that states they can't be there. There are so many in our government who don't know their right hand from their left hand.

Hitler took all the guns from the German people and look what happened; we poor Americans had to fight in World War II and I was one of them. There are people in this country who want to do us like Hitler did. This one world government you have been hearing about is true.

Benedict Arnold is one person our forefathers wanted to hang for what he did. If we had capital punishment in this country, then crime would crop. Look at California, where they have the three-strikes law. The crime rate is down there. If you kill a person and you're found guilty of the crime, it should be 30 days and good-bye.

Other problems:

- The aliens are killing cows in Texas and the cowboys can't do anything about it.

- There should be a federal bonus for all veterans of World War II.

- Immigration to this country should be restricted to 5,000 a year and those who come should have to speak English.

- Stop the United Nations from trying to run our country. Remember the Trojan horse.

- This country is called the welfare state of the world, and if we stop it, watch how many of those who are getting it now will be against us.

- We must return to the Lord in this country or we will fall like the empires of old.

- Remember the U-2 spy plane that went down in Russia? Always remember that if we or any country in the world can put a plane in the air, there's always someone who can do the opposite.

Eugene "Buddie" Morris


Thinking of Autumn

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to the article "Woman charged with hiding infant's death." The body of a infant girl was discovered on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 10, in a trash bin. After reading this information in numerous articles, this has stayed with me and I think about you Autumn, and how you must have panicked, not knowing what to do with the dead infant.

Maybe you have no family to turn to. If this is true, I feel sad for you, to be alone during such a cold time of your life, and that you couldn't reach out for help. Please remember Autumn, the Lord will help if you only ask.

Every work day I pass Hagerstown's Reproductive Health Services, where abortions end the lives of many babies. Sometimes I turn my head because I don't want to see girls and women of all ages coming and going. But lately Autumn I think of you when I pass because you chose to carry your baby.

It's a shame it didn't live. That in itself is enough grief to carry. I am blessed with four children - two boys, two girls - and they are all precious gifts. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please know you are not alone.

Irene Rosenberry

Clear Spring

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