Pa. hockey league turned away from city rink

August 24, 2000

Pa. hockey league turned away from city rink

By DAN KULIN / Staff Writer

A youth and adult hockey league from Waynesboro, Pa. wants to play at Hagerstown's ice rink, but scheduling conflicts with an existing city league have pushed the Pennsylvania players and their money to a Frederick, Md., rink.


The city has spent almost $400,000 since 1998 to subsidize the Hagerstown rink, not including a $144,000 rink subsidy approved Tuesday by the Hagerstown City Council.

The Waynesboro league expects to spend as much as $70,000 at the Frederick rink in the upcoming hockey season, said Sam Wells, who is in charge of scheduling for the Waynesboro group, which goes by the name Cumberland Valley Hockey Association or CVHA.

Hagerstown rink officials said they tried to work out a deal to bring the Waynesboro league to Hagerstown, but there wasn't enough available time at the rink.


"We didn't have any times to give them," said Beverly Kornides, chairwoman of the Washington County Sports Foundation, the private nonprofit group that runs the Hagerstown rink.

"We can't boot somebody out to schedule them in. ... For the one sheet of ice we have we can't accommodate any more larger groups," Kornides said.

Kornides said the Hagerstown ice rink has room and available time for smaller groups, large one-time events such as birthday parties, and room for more skaters to join the existing programs at the rink.

But the prime times for a youth league, after school and the early evening hours, are already taken by the Hagerstown Youth Hockey Association.

"It's a good problem to have because it means we're busy but it's unfortunate for them," Kornides said.

Wells said the CVHA had played at the Doris I. Billow Ice Arena in Waynesboro. The Billow rink went bankrupt and closed in April, forcing Wells to find a new rink for the league.

Wells said the league has an agreement for ice time with the Skate Frederick rink.

Wells said they would be open to using some ice time at Hagerstown if it becomes available.

He expects about 70 youth players will skate with the league this season.

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