Mail Call for 8/23

August 23, 2000

Mail Call for 8/23

"I feel the need to clarify something. The Job Development Center is a Washington County pubic school for students with special needs meaning handicap's or learning disabilities. It is not an alternative school for behavioral problems or juvenile delinquents. Despite all efforts, there still seems to be some confusion as to what JDC is."

"I would like to know why Roadway trucks have to go so fast on Oak Ridge Drive? They have double trailers on there and they fly down there. They have those railroad tracks that are so high that when you go over them with your automobile, it makes you bounce all over the place."

"Our country has certainly sunk to a sorry state. When the city officials have to appeal to the federal government in the help of getting rid of the crow problem in downtown. Why can't they just authorize some sharpshooters to solve the problem. I don't think the Air Force is going to be called in."


"I want to leave a special tribute. On Aug. 23, 1995, Hagerstown lost one of its finest role models, family man and friend to a tragic car accident. His name was Charles Daniel Sterling, lovingly known to us as Mr. Sterling and to others as Danny. To know him was to love him. He had a beautiful smile and always a kind word. He was an exceptional human being. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling have been missed at our soccer and basketball games where they provided encouragement and support to the players and to the fans who knew them. Mr. Sterling is also missed by the many young people who visited him for one on one basketball, to eat or just to have a friendly place to visit. To Mrs. Sterling, whose first name is Carolyn, and to her sons and grandsons, we know you still grieve and we wanted to let you know that we still miss Mr. Sterling, too. We are strengthened by how you have continued to keep your faith in the mist of all this pain and all the other tragedies that have since come into your lives. It is truly an honor for us to pay tribute to this man, mentor and friend. This is from all of the young people whose lives you have touched. We love you and miss you, Mr. Sterling."

"I am calling in regards to the article in the paper about the country music stars at the annual Fun Fest at Red Run Park drawing about 7,000 people. I was there and actually worked as a volunteer there and I think you underestimated the crowd. I think it was probably closer to 17,000 rather than 7,000. I don't know where that information came from, but you should take it from someone who was there for the entire day, about 14 hours worth."

"To notify anyone who plans to go to their high school reunion this year. Send in the reservation; it is still not too late."

"I live at Potomac Towers and I would like to know why I was subjected to all that noise on Sunday? I am disabled, handicapped and a lot of the time I sleep in the afternoons. If I want to listen to church music, I would go there. It is very unfair to have to listen to that and if I could do something about it I would, but I can't."

"To the person who said they had one word for Al Gore and that is 'boring.' Well, I have one word for that individual and that is 'ignorance.'"

"In regard to the call about where the police are on Sharpsburg Pike because of the speeding. I called the State Police and they said that they don't have enough manpower to enforce it. They put me through to the Transportation Department and I have tried to get signs up and they said if you put 25 mph signs up they will still go 60 or 70 mph."

"In response to the people who are aggressively commenting about the lady who wants a 24-hour day care. Maybe she needs the day care to watch her children while she works. Give the woman some credit, at least she is attempting to work and earn a living to support her children. Not everyone get the luxury of being able to work a first shift job, some people have to work a second or third shift, just to get in the door. Give her a break."

"Does anyone have any information on the contest for extraordinary animals? It was in Sunday's newspaper. I need an address."

"Does anyone know how to donate coats, cleaned and in good condition, to the Cold Weather Shelter?"

"To the person who hit the railing and steps on Virginia Avenue on Saturday morning, please come forward. If not, I am going to have you charged with destruction of property and leaving the scene."

"I see in Monday's paper where property owners are going to be held responsible if they find drugs in their houses. That would be one good way to get rid of all the drugs in Hagerstown. That is a wonderful law. They should enforce it to the full."

"I am looking for someone to repair a lamp. The electrical part has to be redone. If someone who does this work, give me a call at 301-665-1886 and leave a message, I will be glad to call you back."

"To the town of Clear Spring, we would like to have a supermarket up here. Everything goes to Hagerstown or Funkstown. Some people are tired of running to Hagerstown when we need some groceries. With all this land up here, a grocery store would be nice to have."

"As I do my walking every morning, I would like for anyone who enjoys flowers to go to Patrick Street off of Jefferson Boulevard. Bob and Nancy Mertz has beautiful flowers all around their house. All kinds of flowers, impatiens up the front walk. It is just gorgeous, it is worth the trip, just to see these beautiful flowers. A winner in my eyes."

"About the lady who was looking for 24-hour day care. Readers, did you ever stop and think that she might have to go to work at midnight until early morning. I don't think that she meant that she wanted to leave her child there for 24 hours. Not everyone works during the days and has day care from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m."

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