August deed transfers

August 23, 2000

August deed transfers

Cimino Inc., 485 Thames Street, to Vincent L. and Judith Lagrotteria, for $165,000.

Patricia A. Padula, 1205 Frederick Street, to Frances M. Hardy, for $92,700.

Tammy L. Hessong, 17606 Heistertown Road, to Julia A. Mong and Craig A. Pryor, for $114,000.

Ronald H. and L. Rayetta Coleman, 20520 Jefferson Boulevard, to Steven M. and Cynthia E. Robey, for $97,000.

Norma G. Simmons and Virginia L. Simmons, 16710 Hampton Road, to Kristine M. Reichard, for $104,900.

Mary D. Gove by Chase C. Gove III, her AIF, lot 8 Windsor Farm, 20005 Marble Hill Court, to Robert H. and Sandra D. Violet, for $68,000.

Bessie L. Malott by William A. Malott Guardian, 1643 Langley Drive, to Rosanna R. Smith, for $78,383.

Marcella M. Klinger, east side of Edgemont Road, to Roy C. and Charlotte V. Kline, for $74,000.

Minnie V. Tritapoe, Parcel 2, 1,470 ac W/S Weverton Road, to Richard E. Jr. and Shirl M. Wilson, for $38,000.


Charles L. Sr. and Donna M. Fischer, 15901 River Bend Court, to Patrick R. Sr. and Sandra L. Hammond, for $159,000.

Katherine Eleanor Groh, 1018 Oak Hill Avenue, to Teah L. Fuller, for $206,000.

Sharon Kay Powell Grove, Kenneth Dale Powell and Janiece Marie Powell Campbell, 17603 Crest Drive, to Sharon Kay Powell Grove and Janiece Marie Powell Campbell, for $30,000.

Gary K. and Barbara Hovermill, 16350 Spielman Road, to James Patrick and Marilynka Krisetta Lowery, for $128,000.

Robert E. and Janet L. Ernst, 145-147 rear of 147 South Locust Street, to Steven L. Powell, for $70,000.

Melissa M. Hutton, 818 The Terrace, to Harold E. and B. Jane Jenkins, for $129,000.

Dennis J. McConnell, 18310 Lyles Drive, to David A. Hubbell and Lori S. Hockensmith, for $144,500.

Donald Lincoln Shank, 110 South Artizan Street, to Carl and Deborah Fowler, for $35,000.

Anna Mae Miles Haynes, 12201 St. Paul Street, to C. Lester and Mary E. Eby, for $120,000.

Mary Shifler, 109-111 Lakin Avenue, to Gregg Ellsworth, for $117,000.

Katherine L. and Gary L. Stoner, 4011 Mills Road, to Sarah Jeanne and John Kent Thompson, for $220,000.

Dale E. and Minnie P. Conley, 27 West Side Avenue, to Joyce M. Grove, for $55,000.

Seymour Gittleman, 139 Dartmouth Drive, to Lindsey S. and Linda K. LeMaster, for $205,000.

Brett A. and Stacie D. Briggs, 624 Picadilly Drive, to Melissa D. Funk, for $96,000.

A.C.E.S. Properties LLC, 13332 Pennsylvania Avenue, to Theodore H. Shank, for $265,000.

E.F. Holdings Inc., 21328 Mt. Aetna Road, to Children's Resources Inc. for $350,000.

Judith A. Rosenberry, S/S Route 40, to John F. and Teresa L. Barr, for $85,000.

Steven K. Kasino, 843 Pine Street, to Tommy S. Newlin and Kristina M. Neel, for $85,000.

Richmond Lee Downey, 16721 Paxton Drive, to David A. and Suzanne L. Kyler, for $35,900.

David W. Draper, Darren Goldberg, and James Holderness, to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, for $89,281.

Warren E. Edwall, 14547 Big Ben Way, to Timothy J. and Kelly Kenny, for $47,500.

Estate of Georgetta C. Morgan, 142 Winter Street, and Dennis W. Nalley and Mark A. King, for $30,000.

American Homes Inc., 13418 Chad's Terrace, to Michael A. and Karen Folk, for $190,737.

Michael Francis and Andrea S. Miller, 14718 Clear Spring Road, to Christopher E. Pryor, for $99,900.

Vanessa C. Smith PR estate of Kenneth F. Smith, 10614 Harry Heth Road, to Jacob B. Jr. and Lori A. Poffenberger, for $70,000.

William E. and Robin M. Stone, 18920 Artillery Drive, to Donale E. and Sherry R. Wollard, for $28,047.

Emma M. Barnhart, 13802 Paradise Church Road, to Emma M. Barnhart and Sandra Joyce Hun, for $22,665.

Asad M. Ghattas, 9732 Pembroke Drive, to Theodore H. Shank, for $65,000.

Schneider Family Partnership, Tilghmanton Heights, to Insignia Homes II, LLC, for $36,000.

Floyd R. Kline Investments Inc., 730 Virginia Avenue, to ZCM, LLC, for $125,000.

Richard O. Stone and John D. Stoner, Neck Road, to James and Diana M. Wollard, for $104,720.

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