Letters to the Editor 8/22

August 22, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/22

W House seeks funds for expansion

To the editor:

The W house is expanding!

We need your help.

The board of directors and staff of the W House want to take this opportunity to update you on the development and enlargement of its services to our community.

A modern, expanded, and fully equipped W House is necessary to meet the current and future needs among women in both Washington County and the State of Maryland. We currently serve between 22 and 30 women a year. Yet, our program has a waiting list of seven to 12 women per month.

The board of directors of the W House Foundation has implemented an expansion plan to address the needs of those women in our community who are being turned away from treatment every month.


This year we have completed the first and second steps, in a three-step process, to meet the increasing demand at W House for women's services throughout the region.

Step 1: Identify and secure a new facility/property suitable for growing and expanding the W House services. This task was completed by Jan.1.

Step 2: Apply for renovation grant funds to the State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene by April 15. This task has also been completed.

Step 3: Acquire, through fund-raising efforts, the capital to purchase the new facility/property by Dec. 1. This effort is now in process.

As a first step toward our goal, we have executed a sales/purchase agreement for the former Ted's Rent-a-Center at 519 Locust Street. The acquisition and redevelopment of this facility will allow W House to expand our existing residential substance abuse treatment program capacity from nine to 18 women immediately. Our growth and expansion provides direct intervention in the cycle of crime and drugs through the provision of long-term residential substance abuse services. In April we submitted a complete grant application to the State of Maryland for construction and engineering funds to improve the new facility.

To this end, we have now embarked on a major capital fundraising program, to acquire the property, with support from individuals, foundations and corporations. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Our capital campaign goal for the purchase of the Locust Street property is $355,000.

The acquisition of 519 Locust St. is the top priority for the W House Foundation fund-raising committee. Thus, we are hoping that the community will consider assisting us with a gift to help acquire the property.

Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance.

Christina Trenton

Executive Director

W House, Hagerstown

A waste of a Senate seat

To the editor:

What does U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes have against families, marriage and fair taxation?

Twenty-five million Americans pay an average of $1,400 per year in tax penalties simply because they are married. The Senate and House of Representatives recently voted to abolish the marriage penalty tax. This unfair quirk in the tax code forces married couples with two incomes to pay more taxes then individuals.

The Senate approved the tax relief measure by a healthy margin - 61 in favor and 38 voting "no." As usual, on tax relief, Sarbanes voted a predictable "No." President Clinton vetoed the legislation.

Sarbanes voted against hard-working men and women who marry and raise a family. Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein said "couples should not be penalized by the tax code simply because they are married." Michigan representative Debbie Stabenow, another Democrat, said "from a family standpoint this (tax penalty) doesn't make sense." Why does an anti-family, unfair tax penalty make sense to Paul Sarbanes?

The answer is that the Stealth Senator believes in big government rather than in people, which is the reason why the National Taxpayers Association rated his performance in regard to tax legislation as zero. Citizens Against Government Waste said he was the worst member of the Senate in regard to spending, characterizing his performance as abysmal.

Federal surpluses are projected to add $1.7 trillion to the budget over the next five years. Elimination of the marriage penalty tax would only chip away about 6 percent of the massive surplus.

As your next United States Senator I will vote for America's families and against the marriage tax penalty.

Remember, a Senate seat is a terrible thing to waste.

Paul H. Rappaport

Candidate for United States Senate

Ellicott City, Md.

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