Mail Call for 8/15

August 15, 2000

Mail Call for 8/15

Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Please follow these rules when calling Mail Call:

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> It is best to limit your calls to issues in the news, but it's OK to say something nice about a person, place or thing you like about this area.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> It's OK to criticize decisions by government officials, but don't get personal.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> We don't allow people to criticize a specific business.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Don't call about buying or selling an item.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Don't call to advertise your business or ask where a certain item can be bought in this area.


HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Don't give medical advice.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Don't criticize a specific neighbor.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Don't call about hiring someone to do odd jobs for you.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Do have fun with Mail Call. You can thank someone for doing a nice deed for you or honor someone for an accomplishment. You can even tell your neighbor how nice her flowers look.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Or, if you like, you can vent in Mail Call, but please, no profanity.

We're waiting for your calls.

"I want to respond to the person who is looking for a 24-hour day care for their two-month-old. I believe that day care should only be open during normal business hours. I raised two boys who are now 10 and 14 and I was up many nights with them. If you just need some rest, just get someone part-time or just get used to the fact that infants like to be awake at night. I wish you luck in your search."

"The lady who wanted to keep the bees out of your hummingbird feeders, just take a paper towel and spread Wesson oil around it and the inserts can be found at Wal-Mart."

"I have a question for all the Grove employees. I would like for them to ask themselves if they are still glad that they rejected the union?"

"I would like to thank the Ag Center for the wonderful tractor pull that happened on Thursday night. The tractors were wonderful, very noisy. My friend and I had a wonderful time. It was very awesome."

"I would like to thank all the wonderful people at the Ag Center for the awesome tractor pull. It was noisy, it had a lot of power, it was a lot of fun and I had a blast. I hope everyone else did. I hope you have it next year."

"I am calling about the prostitutes and the drug dealers on the streets. It seems to me that if the police wanted to clean this up, instead of having these drug stings and prostitution stings, they should take one or two uniformed police and put them where these problems are going on. Walking up and down the street in their location, I think that the drug people and the johns that are taking care of the prostitutes, if they saw the police they would move. Charleston, S.C., tried this and they ran all of them out of town."

"To the lady that was sitting with her son at Friday's Restaurant, you were there Wednesday night and you said that you had been waiting there since 4 p.m. to eat. I was waiting for a friend. I was just wondering if you were married or not? Please leave a message in Mail Call."

"To Donna. I am so proud of you. You have taken a bad situation after your husband left you and decided to stay home with your children and watch other people's children and to be there when people need you. I am so proud of you. From a fellow graduate."

"Would anyone like to buy a set of Firestone tires cheap?"

"I am trying to find a phone number for one of the officers of a group called the Jaycees."

"I want to say that the carnival at Bester has been a real treat, it is well organized. The food is wonderful and the volunteers at that fire company do a wonderful job holding the carnival. Thanks very much for bringing it back every year."

"I lost a Weight Watchers speedometer Friday evening either at the Hong Kong Restaurant, Weis South End or Martin's on Dual Highway. It is dark blue, clips onto your waist and tells the calories, miles and steps that you have taken. If found, call 301-824-2626 or leave your number in the paper."

"I am looking for someone who sells Watkins products and delivers to homes in the Smithsburg area. If anyone knows, call Mail Call and leave a number or call me at 301-824-2626."

"I read a few years ago in the newspaper about a recipe for pickled cantaloupe. If anyone knows what this recipe is, please call Mail Call."

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