Letters to the Editor 8/15

August 14, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/15

Larry Vaughn: Why I'm running for City Hall

To the editor:

To the voters of Hagerstown:

The reasons I would like to run for city council are because the majority of the citizens of Hagerstown need a councilman who will devote all of his efforts to bringing back the ward system. This is a must, even if this means filing suit in federal court. I personally will not be part of attending closed-door meetings, because I believe the taxpayers have a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. If the money is not being spent any better than this last year's snow removal then things leave a lot to be desired.

I personally believe we have an excellent police chief and I support the hiring of two additional police officers and two additional drug dogs.

I whole-heartedly am opposed to the expansion of the West View housing project.


I also cannot see the reasoning for having two Super Wal-Marts within miles of each other. This to me would lead to tens of thousands of tax dollars to start widening roads, putting in additional street lights and for what? No more than minimum-wage jobs.

Also, I think the number of houses on Mt. Aetna and Robinwood should be cut back because we are looking at horrendous traffic congestion in the future and I do not want to live in Frederick County.

I think it would be a great idea if the city and the county would start combining some departments. It could be done.

My opinion on the construction of the baseball stadium is, if it is so popular, why not put it on the ballot for people to vote on?

Also, you could put on the ballot whether to sell the ice skating rink, which is a burden on the taxpayers now.

Cut the fees for the city golf course back because this is a small amount of money and a lot of enjoyment for our senior citizens and many approaching the senior citizen age. They should not have to pay for wasted city money.

For over 20 years I have been a volunteer member of the City of Hagerstown Fire Department. Eight of those years were as a fire-police officer. The last 11 years, I have been changing Scott air bottles at all fires. I presently am serving my second two-year term as vice president of Western Enterprise Fire Company where I help with bingo every Saturday night.

Larry Vaughn


'Big-Survivor' info sought

To the editor:

I am a college teacher and graduate student who is researching the popularity of reality-based TV shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother." I'm hoping your readers, many of whom may be fans, might be willing to share their thoughts about why they watch these shows and what they like or don't like about them.

Reality TV has been around for decades, but it seems to have taken over the airwaves this summer. CBS, which is leading the charge with "Survivor" and "Big Brother," has even succeeded in knocking ABC's phenomenally popular "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" out of first place in the ratings.

Critics may attack such programs for feeding a shallow obsession with celebrity and voyeurism, but ratings for programs like "Survivor" suggest that viewers find something compelling in watching unscripted shows starring real people instead of professional actors. Viewers also want to do more than watch: they want to participate. Thousands of people are currently lining up for a chance to trade their privacy for a shot at fortune and temporary fame on the second season of "Survivor."

I am interested in hearing what your readers think about reality TV as a form of entertainment. If they watch shows like "Survivor" or "Big Brother," what do they find interesting or compelling (or repellent) about them. Would they be interested in being on such a show, and if so, why? Would they be willing to be on a show like "The Real World," which doesn't offer a big cash prize?

I would like to hear from readers of all ages and backgrounds. I will not use any real names unless permission is given. Please write to me:

Mark Andrejevic

c/o School of Journalism

Campus Box 478

University of Colorado

Boulder, Colo. 80309-0478.

E-mail at

Vets invited to panel discussion

To the editor:

Hagerstown Community College is seeking veterans of World War II to participate in a symposium to be held in October and early November at the college. The veterans will participate as panel members and relate their experiences as young men and women in that war.

For further information, please call Professor Laurence Sharpe at the college at 301-790-2800, ext. 417, and leave a message. Please reply before Sept. 1.

Laurence Sharpe


Professor Emeritus


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