Cops say teen was slain

August 14, 2000

Cops say teen was slain


Tony Lee CarbaughWhen Peggy Holcomb heard the description of a man whose body was found in Williamsport Saturday something in her mind clicked.

"I knew it was my son. It sounded just like him," she said.


Family members last heard from Holcomb's son, Tony Lee Carbaugh, 18, on Friday. He had been staying with his uncle, Butch Dagenhart, in Hagerstown.

When Carbaugh didn't come home Friday evening, "we thought he was with friends," Holcomb said.

"It wasn't like him to leave" and not return, she said.

Carbaugh recently came to Hagerstown from Spencer, W.Va., to find work. He got a job as a meat cutter at Weis Supermarket in the South End, said Holcomb.

Holcomb, of Spencer, called police and reported her son missing early Monday. Washington County Sheriff's deputies confirmed that the body found along Kemp's Mill Road was that of Carbaugh.


Deputies said he was beaten and died of head injuries.

A couple combing through an illegal dump site near an iron bridge found his body Saturday afternoon, police said.

Police have not said whether Carbaugh was killed at the spot where his body was found or if his body was taken there after he was dead.

Holcomb said she regrets that her son left their West Virginia home to live in Hagerstown.

"I should have made him stay home," she said.

A recent graduate of Calhoun County High School in West Virginia, Carbaugh was undecided about his future but was a good student with a lot of opportunities, Holcomb said.

"Tony was good at everything. He brought home A's," she said.

She said he was contemplating going into the military or to college.

Carbaugh was an easy-going teenager who enjoyed spending time with his family, she said.

Holcomb said she had no idea why someone would want to kill her son and that he had never been in trouble with the law.

"He was a good boy and a hard worker," she said.

About 20 family members and friends gathered outside Dagenhart's home at 314 Buena Vista Avenue Monday afternoon. They talked about Carbaugh and tried to make sense of his death.

Her son was badly beaten but likely put up a good fight, said Holcomb.

"Tony put up a struggle. He was strong," she said.

Since $60 was found in his pocket and he was still wearing a gold chain and watch, Holcomb doesn't believe he was killed in an attempted robbery.

One relative became upset upon seeing two men he believed were with Carbaugh the Friday before he was killed and police were called to Buena Vista Avenue around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

With family members watching, police took the men across the street and talked to them for about an hour.

Sheriff's deputies did not release updated information about the death Monday afternoon.

Carbaugh's aunt, Laverne Dagenhart, said she last saw her nephew around 11 p.m. Friday.

"He came in, dropped off his bike and pool stick and took off," she said.

Carbaugh got along well with his Hagerstown relatives and liked staying there, she said.

"I can't believe someone would do this to him. He was loving," said April Rush, 17.

Rush and Carbaugh got engaged last Christmas and were making preparations for a June 2002 wedding, she said.

"He didn't deserve this to happen to him. No one does," she said.

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