Heat wave stops summer's unseasonable chill

August 08, 2000

Heat wave stops summer's unseasonable chill


As temperatures soared to 90 degrees and higher this week, Hagerstown residents sought ways to cool off from the city's first heat wave since June.

"It's hot, hot, hot. But I like it," said Jenna Dorsey of Chambersburg, Pa., who spent the day Tuesday at Hagerstown's City Park with friends.

She said she plans to spend a lot of time in the pool to escape the hot weather.

"It's been so wet and rainy - almost like we haven't had summer yet," she said.

Dorsey, 24, said she wouldn't want a repeat of last summer's record-breaking heat wave, but would like to see occasional hot days.

"Ice cream, hot sunny days, the beach - it's what summer's all about," she said.

Betty Snyder of Hagerstown brought her grandson, John Stutton, to City Park Tuesday afternoon for a picnic and to feed the ducks.


"It's so hot. We got lucky in July but I guess summer's here," she said.

Snyder said she will stay indoors or in the shade when she can and make the best of the situation.

The mercury rose to 90 degrees Tuesday, almost reaching Monday's high of 92 degrees, but the rising heat index made it seem much hotter.

The heat index, a measure of how hot the temperature feels to the human body, jumped to 100 degrees on Tuesday and was expected to do the same today, according to Michelle Margraf, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

"The heat index is based on the temperature and humidity and when it's high the body can't cool down as quickly," she said.

People should try to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water when the heat index soars, she said.

More temperatures in the 90s are expected today and Thursday with partly sunny skies and chance of showers, which is typical for August, she said.

A cold front approaching the area from the west and northwest will hit Hagerstown on late Thursday, bringing drier, cooler air, she said.

Highs Friday through Sunday will be in the mid-80s with lows in the 60s.

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