Young farmers show off steers

August 08, 2000

Young farmers show off steers

By KERRI SACCHET / Staff Writer

photo: JOE CROCETTA / staff photographer

Steer showHolding his steer by the halter around its chin, Garret Hamby stood beside the Limousine breed of livestock that was taller than him.

His steer, Denver, won first place in the 4-H Beef Steer Show Tuesday night.

Spending 35 minutes almost every day, Hamby washes Denver then brushes the hair, which at times can get tough, he said.

A member of the 4- H Beef Club, Hamby said there are times when he has to put off playing with friends so he can practice fitting his steer.


"I know its worth it and I do better in the show ring. I know if I work I'll do better," Hamby said.

Karen Holloway, judge of the 2000 Beef Steer Show, said during the fitting contest the participants are judged on how well they prepare their steers for the show and how clean the animal is.

The fitting process is designed to bring out the animal's best points, Holloway said.

"Some will clip along the belly, head and neck and they will blend in the coat so that it has a smooth appearance," she said.

The 4-H members were divided into three age groups for the competition: Juniors, intermediates, and seniors, with each participant in the group gaining a prize. All three groups had one overall fitting and showing champion.

Holloway gave pointers to the youths upon announcing which steer had won for each group's competition.

"I want to see more eye contact from you to the judges, but I thought you did a really nice job," Holloway said to Hamby.

A former 4-H club member who is now a leader of a Harford County 4-H club, Holloway said she enjoys helping kids prepare for the competitions.

"I got an awful lot out of the 4-H program. It teaches responsibility, how to win and lose gracefully and you learn the financial aspect during the market sales," Holloway said. "For me it's kind of fun to give back to 4-H."

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