4-H club offers tours of Ag Expo

August 07, 2000

4-H club offers tours of Ag Expo

By KERRI SACCHET / Staff Writer

photo: RIC DUGAN / staff photographer

Chicken BarnDressed in green club T-shirts and walking through mud in boots, three Sunlight 4-H club members pointed out the various attractions of this week's Ag Expo in free guided tours given by their group of 13 members.

Anna Henry, 11, one of the tour guides, said the tour winds through the different exhibits including the petting zoo and the Home Art buildings.

She said the group had its first tour at 10 a.m. Monday with two adults and two children.

Accompanied by two of her fellow Sunlight 4-H club members, Henry said the tour began in the Home Art building, which featured judged food, photography, quilts and clothing made and presented by the 4-H clubs of Washington County.


"This is a baby-sitting playbox, which I think is kind of neat because it shows you different toys that you can play with while you're baby-sitting," she said. "It was all judged on Saturday."

Leading to the petting zoo, Henry pointed out a cow about to give birth and a miniature pony.

The tour guide also threw in facts about the animals including how to differentiate types of poultry.

"This is a rooster; this is a hen," she said. "See - the hen doesn't have the comb on top of its head."

Henry warned that chickens bite but don't break the skin.

The Conner sisters, who were also leading the tour, said they have steers, goats and pigs entered in the competition.

Members of the 4-H club for four years, the sisters said the T-shirts were made specially for the guided tours.

"We started working on it about three months ago," said Tina, 11. "Our president, Daveeda Land, of the club, thought of the idea."

Offering the tours twice a day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the girls said the members of the club will be switching off each day so that everyone gets a chance to give the tours.

Though it is only her first year in 4-H, Henry said she learned a lot about the tours from Mary Ellen Waltemire, extension educator at the Washington County Agricultural Educational Center.

"I like just walking around casually and telling people about the Ag Expo," Henry said.

Becca said she and her sister typically spend all day, everyday at the Ag Expo and sometimes stay overnight.

"We got here at seven this morning and we'll probably be here until nine tonight," Becca said.

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