thunmbs up, thumbs down

August 04, 2000

Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up!To the 30 employees of Target discount stores who spent a July Saturday working to clean up the Pangborn Elementary School playground, named in memory of the late Michael Crabill.

Thumbs up!To Washington County Commissioner Paul Swartz, for his renewed effort to get a sales tax hike passed. As lawmakers told him, it probably won't pass, but his efforts last year helped push a plan to pay down the county's sewer debt.

Thumbs up!To Washington County state lawmakers backing a $4.4 million parking plan for downtown Hagerstown to make sure there's enough for the new University Systems of Maryland campus.

Thumbs up!To U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Sixth, for his plan to ban federal funding for partisan political conventions. The taxpayers' tab this year will be $26 million, cash that could be better spent on education or health care.


Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown City Councilmembers who acknowledged they made a mistake in approving a raise for the city administrator in private session. You've done the right thing.

Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown City Council, for approving a program to provide interest free loans up to $900 to those who create new parking at the rear of their properties, or renovate a garage not now suitable for parking. A good idea.

Thumbs up!To the Jefferson County Commissioners, for realizing that explosive suburban growth is heading their way and beefing up their planning department staff accordingly.

Thumbs up!To Christy Crowl, a 28-year-old Hagerstown native whose hard work and musical talent took her to Switzerland this week to perform at Geneva's Festival of Excellence. Crowl performed on the Maryland Theatre stage at age 5!

Thumbs up!To Joe Imes and others who organized the West End Night Out August 1, in an effort to keep Hagerstown children from getting involved in drugs and criminal activity.

???To Berkeley County, W.Va. Sheriff Ronald Jones, who took out a newspaper ad in April to remind residents that payouts on video poker machines are illegal, but who now says he can't shut them down. What happened since then?

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