Letters to the Editor 8/5

August 04, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/5

In Cheney's defense

To the editor:

I would like to address the latest hot item in our much biased media these days, the selection of Dick Cheney for vice-presidential running mate with George W. Bush.

First of all I'm excited about it, but it sure stirred up a hornet's nest in the liberal camp.

Now proceeds all the name- calling, the muckraking and the slanderous remarks. The ultra-left women's lib group is really hot because they know Cheney is pro-life. They are afraid of something, the highest officials of the National Organization for Women are screaming and hollering like a wild crazed banshee.

I don't really understand. When Cheney was working with the Congress these people said nice things about him and acted like they respected him somewhat, but now they've turned on him like a pack of killer dogs.


How can this be? One time a friend supposedly and in a little while an enemy. This shows you the get-all-you-can, any-way-you- can mentality of the present administration in our capital. Hatred breeds contempt.

I personally believe the Bush team will win and we need a change; the present administration smells bad. We need someone to guide this nation back to its moral values and primarily back to God, before He has to destroy this country from sea to shining sea.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God. This includes the U S of A. Good day.

A. Snyder


Gas policy is all wrong

To the editor:

Politicians are doing nothing to solve America's gas crisis. Some of them blame big oil companies and OPEC while others point the finger at Environmental costs. The president and Congress must cooperate to protect the American people. There is a solution to the energy crisis. The president and Congress have the power and the responsibility to create a sane energy policy that will protect our national security, our economic stability and the American consumer.

Due to the coordinated efforts of OPEC, Russia, Mexico and other oil producing nations the price of a barrel of Crude Oil has increased from $10 a barrel in 1998 to a recent high of $32 a barrel. There is no rational reason for this exorbitant rise other than greed.

American taxpayers gave Mexico and Russia billions of dollars in aid to resolve their internal problems. American men and women in the military gave their blood to protect Saudi Arabia and liberate Kuwait. Is this how we are repaid? Our representatives in Washington should refresh their memories with a National Energy Policy that would provide the president and Congress with the power to slow down or suspend assistance to any country whose actions place undue hardship upon the American people. America is dependent on 56 percent of its oil from foreign countries, which is unacceptable, considering we are an oil producing nation that exports two-thirds of the oil we produce. America's foreign dependence should be reduced to 25 percent at most.

Why then do American oil companies sell to foreign nations? Because they make a higher profit. We should encourage and require United States companies to begin redirecting their oil to the American consumer. The oil companies in return would receive new drilling and exploration rights.

In 1993 the Clinton-Gore Administration and Sen. Paul Sarbanes passed a 28 percent gas tax hike by one vote. With a 1.9 trillion budget surplus projected over the next decade it's time to repeal that tax hike. The American people need and deserve immediate action. Sen. Sarbanes, our stealth senator, has stood by and done nothing, as our elderly and working families have been subjected to sky-rocketing fuel oil prices that they cannot afford.

During the upcoming cold winter months in Baltimore and elsewhere in Maryland the people on fixed income, especially the frail and elderly will be forced to suffer this fate again unless we act. If we can find water on Mars and map the human genetic system, we should be able to find solutions to unfair energy costs.

As your next United States Senator, I will actively promote and support a new energy policy that would protect America's national security and economic stability as well as the family budget. The price gouging has had a profound impact on our transportation industry which will spur inflation and hit the family budget at the supermarket, the gas pump and the department stores. Our families, friends and neighbors are the victims of this unfair and do-nothing policy.

Our elected officials should act now. In 1993, Sen. Sarbanes voted for 28 percent tax hike and has remained silent since that time making it clear that a "Senate Seat is a Terrible Thing to Waste."

Paul H. Rappaport

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Ellicott City, Md.

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