Letters to the Editor 8/6

August 04, 2000

Letters to the Editor 8/6

Development: Time to slow it

To the editor:

Applause to people like Allan Powell and Councilman Wallace McClure who stand up before those who push development upon an unwilling public (Herald-Mail, July 16).

Commercial and residential expansion throughout Hagerstown and Washington County has been occurring at alarming rates in recent years.

Allegedly, prerequisites such as adequate roads and utilities must be met before shopping centers and residential developments can be erected. But one need only take a drive down the Sharpsburg Pike and intersections at Dual Highway and Eastern Boulevard and Edgemont Road to keenly experience the lack of planning that seems to be the rule.

Sadly, too many public servants appear to be more attentive to the business interests of real estate developers than the wishes of the people they serve. Expanding the city and county's tax base is certainly necessary for growth, but it appears to be the sole priority when decisions about development are made.


What is the benefit of increased tax revenues if it costs citizens increased traffic congestion, pollution, noise, crime and other stress-producing by-products of urbanization?

We need more people like the folks in Funkstown and on Mt. Aetna Road who have stood up and, in essence, declared, "We won't be ridden roughshod by indiscriminate development."

And we need public servants in office and on commissions who truly serve the public good, who have vision to see the long-term effects of today's decisions, and who have the courage to make hard decisions.

Bruce McCarthy


Letter writer needs to review the Constitution

To the editor:

Regarding good lessons and the movie "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. Rex Harrell's letter of July 8 made a statement about which he may need more good lessons. He needs to read and understand the U.S. Constitution. Hagerstown has one of the finest libraries in this Tri-State historic region, and certainly it has reliable material that will help Harrell learn about the process that must be completed in order for the Right-to-Bear-Arms amendment to be abolished or revised.

No president under this historic document is granted a power or powers to do so. And, not even the U.S. Congress can unilaterally do so. I still am a John McCain supporter, A Republican, and follow politics pretty closely. When did Al Gore say "He will disarm America?" If he made that statement, he needs to read the Constitution as well.

I can't believe he did; he's not that dumb. However, I can readily believe that the National Rifle Association made such a misstatement because the only way they can get money from their members is to falsely inflame the fears of American sportsmen.

Fulton County's population is between 14,500 and 15,000. A Penn State University study back in 1990 revealed that there are 12 guns per person in Fulton, the highest in Pennsylvania.

Check out that total! I've lived here since 1972 having grown up in Hagerstown, and I'd like to know who the brave appointees will be who will go house to house to confiscate guns from these residents if this amendment is abolished. What designees would be that brave or suicidal, in your county?

Elton Wigfield Duvall

McConnellsburg, Pa.

Maybe we need a law to leash county's cats

To the editor:

I recently went into the Washington County S.P.C.A. to drop off toys for the animals. I walked back to look at one of the dogs and was shocked at all the stray kittens they had.

I watch cats in the neighborhood, stalking birds, killing mice and such, never realizing that they are also mating and leaving behind small innocent kittens to fend for themselves. Its a pitiful sight. Starving animals. We have all heard the horror stories.

Maybe it would be a good idea to impose a leash law for cats as well as dogs. Simply for their protection as well as ours.

This would cut down on the amount of homeless, unwanted and starving animals. Plus cut disease. Also mandatory spay and neutering.

I dearly love animals, but am appalled by there abuse and misuse. If you are considering a pet please stop by the S.P.C.A. and adopt one of theirs.

If you are a business please have a warm place in your heart for these unwanted animals and donate generously both money and or space for showing these animals in an effort to find them good homes.

Please open your hearts to these animals, they need you desperately. And be a responsible pet owner; have your pet spayed or neutered.

Also, keep your pet both dog and cat on a leash.

S. Finniff


Thanks, Manny, for making rug buy a nice experience

To the editor:

To: Manny Shaool

For more years than I care to admit to, I have wanted an oriental rug in my home, but until now I have not felt "I should." I have admired how these beautiful rugs have created magic in the homes of my friends, but, truthfully, I was overwhelmed by the two great myths of Oriental rug buying:

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