Letters to the Editor 7/28

July 27, 2000

Letters to the Editor 7/28

Bartlett should be an election issue

To the editor:

In less than four months we will be electing four people to serve a four-year term on the Washington County School Board. Some candidates have visited all the schools in the system and wrote articles in the newspaper about their findings. Other than that there has been little visible campaigning.

Something deeply disturbs me about the campaign at this point in time. Fifteen months after the election, School Board members will decide if Superintendent Herman Bartlett will receive an additional four-year contract. From my perception there seems to be a desire for candidates to focus on many important issues and try to make the renewal of Dr. Bartlett's contract a non-issue. I agree there are many important issues however I also believe Dr. Bartlett's contract should be an issue.

I feel some candidates are fearful if Bartlett's contract becomes an issue most other issues might be pushed aside. I understand their concern. However the issues candidates have raised to this point will to a large degree be managed and dictated by whomever is the superintendent. Bartlett has been here almost 3 years and that certainly should be long enough for candidates and voters to make an evaluation of Bartlett.


The period of time between November 2000 and February 2002 when Bartlett's contract is required under state law to be considered for renewal is fairly short. I think all voters need to make informed decisions about all issues. As one voter I see this election in November as very crucial to Washington County public school children.

Meredith Fouche


City Park is a blessing

To the editor:

Arising in the early morning hours, I grab my headsets with meditational music and start the day. I drive to a place of stillness and quietness - our local City Park.

As I begin my new day in these early hours, the beauty of this park is so serene. Each creature that our Lord has created is awaking slowly just as our community also awakens to a new day. On the beautifully landscaped grounds the geese and ducks are still snoozing as I sit watching them.

Sitting there and appreciating this park, the sun soon is overhead and all is stirring. The ducks begin to comb out their feathers, the squirrels begin searching for food and people start appearing.

Our park serves as a place for people to come and relax, for some to sit and pray. Others begin the day by walking along the paved paths exercising, while children come to play.

I am so thankful for our park and for those in our community whose job is the upkeeping of this special place. May we never take for granted this special gift. I would like to say "thank you" for all their hard work it really doesn't go unnoticed, maybe just unsaid by many.

Tammy Needy


Chamber event filling fast

To the editor:

The Information Technology Board breakfast hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at Four Points Hotel on Aug. 10 is filling fast.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact the chamber office at 301-739-2015, fax 301-739-1278 or e-mail as soon as possible. We're excited about this great opportunity to put Washington County on Maryland's technology map.

Fred Teeter Jr.


Hagerstown-Washington County

Chamber of Commerce

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