Letters to the Editor 7/25

July 25, 2000

Letters to the Editor 7/25

'Mallard' an insult to federal employees

To the editor:

I am appalled that you would publish such an insulting "cartoon" as the one on July 14 titled "Mallard Fillmore" by Bruce Tinsley. Hundreds of federal employees - active and retired - live in Washington County and the surrounding area. To publish such a mean-spirited, inaccurate portrayal of those who work - or have worked - to make this country great is inconceivable. What are you thinking!

Would you publish a cartoon painting any other profession with this broad brush of scorn? I doubt it. Federal employees are always an easy target, whether for members of Congress trying to win points at home or journalists who have nothing better to do than denigrate others. The men and women who work in the public sector - federal, state, county, or municipal - are too often portrayed as lazy, overpaid, and worthless. But when a citizen needs their service, they are expected to respond rapidly, accurately and with a smile.


You cannot have it both ways. And I submit you owe the many readers of your newspaper who work in the public sector an apology and a pledge that The Daily Mail never again publish a "cartoon" that portrays them in a negative light.

Frank G. Atwater

President & CEO

National Association Retired Federal Employees

Washington, D.C.

Creationism, evolution theory can coexist

To the editor:

I read with interest the article about evolution versus creationism, (July 3). The article seemed to hint that one could not be a Christian or a believer in God and accept the theory of evolution as being part of God's handiwork.

I do not believe the creation story in Genesis was meant to be scientific fact. Rather it was written as a theological statement that God created this beautiful place where we live. It was meant to talk about the greatness of the Israelites, who told the story orally for generations until it was finally written down.

One example of it not being science is on the first day God separated the light from the darkness and then on the fourth day creates the sun, so where did the first light come from if it wasn't the sun?

But again to try to fit scientific fact into the creation story I do not believe was ever intended. Lastly, if you read the text carefully you will see there are two creation stories, and which one are you going to start with. One has creation with human beings and then the second has the Adam and Eve story.

I do not believe this makes me any less of a Christian. God is love and it shows in all the bounty of creation, and how the creator did it was a great act of love towards us all.

Glenn A. Young Jr.


Head Start made a difference

To the editor:

I am pleased to hear that Resources for Children and Families has been chosen as the new grantee for Head Start in Washington County. Resources for Children and Families has been serving my family for over 20 years and is the reason for my success.

My daughter attended Head Start in 1980, when I was a single mom, living on welfare and in public housing. I didn't even have a high school diploma. Head Start staff encouraged me, guided me and helped in any way possible to make the goals that I had set for myself that year a reality, as well as allowing me to take part in my daughter's education. The staff has helped me cross roads that I never felt possible before.

I have had five daughters graduate from Head Start over the years and I've experienced the same encouragement and support with each child. Each year they encouraged me to set bigger goals for myself and family, taking me higher on my ladder of success.

I went from being on welfare, no car, living in public housing, and no education to owning my own home, new van, GED, two years of college, and a full time merit position with the State of Maryland (which was a job offered to Head Start parents.)

I'm very active in my church and community as well. My two oldest children have graduated from high school and are raising children of their own, one of which attends Head Start. My three youngest are doing well in elementary school. I'm also raising my god-daughter who completed Head Start last year and is one of four children in her kindergarten class who is reading.

I believe that Resources for Children and Families is highly qualified to provide the program for Washington County. Head Start is a necessary program for low-income families and children in our county. Resources for Children and Families has the experience, training and guidance to ensure that Head Start remains a successful, vital program for the families and children that are served.

I hate to think what would have happened to me 20 years ago without Head Start. Instead, I think of all the goals I've set and accomplished. There is truly nothing we can't do if we set our goals high enough.

Debra Shrader


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