Mail Call for 7/17

July 17, 2000

Mail Call for 7/17

"When is the city going to require residents to trim back shrubbery along the alleys so cars can be driven safely through?"

"Hagerstown has been trying for years to make it look good. They will never succeed because they are in the real estate business. Another thing, if Funkstown does not want a Wal-Mart, believe me, we do! Come on down to Sharpsburg, Keedysville and the Boonsboro area, we would love to have you. We need something down here. It is too far to go to Frederick or where the new Wal-Mart is now. We will patronize you."

"If fights are just a part of baseball, can we also say that school shootings are just a part of school or that domestic violence is a part of marriage? I don't think so. Adults should set a better example on the ballfield and in the home."

"I am calling to see what you can do about skunks that are running around your driveways and back yard. I have two of them. I have tried moth balls and they are still coming around. Please, anyone, if you know what to do, call Mail Call."


"I was wondering when the South Hagerstown Band Boosters were going to take their sign down? It was for an affair that was supposed to be May 21 and it is still sitting on the corner of Oak Ridge and Potomac."

"If people in the Funkstown area think it is a long distance to drive across Hagerstown to a Wal-Mart, what about the people in Hancock?"


"To the one that is requiring about a cheap phone service. You can call 10-10-220, it is 99 cents for the first 20 minutes then seven cents thereafter."

"I agree, we don't need another super Wal-Mart, but probably wouldn't be bad to have another regular Wal-Mart, considering the new super Wal-Mart doesn't carry all the items the old one did. So that is how I see it."

"It is time to congratulate Gov. Glendening and Mayor Bruchey. They are going to have this Smart Growth. Well they are getting Smart Growth, they will do away with the old town and put a new one in, it will never work. But that's OK, if that's the way they want Smart Growth."

"People in Funkstown, if you don't want that new Wal-Mart there, you better show up at the meetings. If you notice, our mayor of Funkstown said that he was disappointed in the show of people at the meeting. So people if you don't want it, you better show up. Not just the people that are fighting it, but all the supporters."

"I think the mayor of Hagerstown should really think about his idea on a Wal-Mart in Funkstown. How would he like it if there was a Wal-Mart next to his house or next to where his children go to school. Funkstown is a quaint little town, let it alone."

"This is City Councilman McClure. I know some of you are wondering about what happened with my meeting with Mr. Blenckstone. First, I want all of you to know that it was Winston that asked to meet with me. I told him that I would not meet with him unless the press was there to make sure that I was not wrongly accused of meeting and doing back-door politics. I am going to be looking out for the taxpayers on this issue. I will say in Winston's defense, that he made some valid points, that haven't been made real clear to me. But I have writen an in-depth letter to the editor to clarify my position. In the meantime, do not feel that I have abandoned my position on this thing. I am going to be looking for financial accountability and the right thing for the taxpayers on this issue."

"Councilman McClure, stick to your guns, don't let Mr. Blenckstone sway you. Let's not buy Mr. Blenckstone a stadium, he has enough money. Put it to a referendum."

"As a taxpayer, I would like to know what a deputy superintendent of schools does to earn nearly $105,000 per year? We have an excellent elected School Board, so I wonder why need to have such highly paid people at the Central Office? Currently my tax money is going to fund the public schools while I am paying additional money for my child's tuition at a private school."

"I am calling about where someone said they are confused about how they could pay nurses so much money to take care of sick patients and they can only pay caregivers very little to take care of infants. I was wondering where they got that information and how much money they think those people make? In this area, a nursing assistant makes approximately one half of what a registered nurse makes, regardless of who they take care of in the hospital, they would take care of adults or children, they would make the same wage. They will be surprised to know that in Washington County a new nurse would make approximately $17.50 an hour to start, then after 29 years a nurse working in that same capacity only makes $2 more an hour. Many people travel to the city to work as secretaries and lots of other jobs and make much more money than that. Nurses in the city make as much as $45 to $50 an hour. We all know that this is what people advertise."

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