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July 17, 2000

Letters to the Editor 7/18

Think twice about the union

To the editor:

Many of you who read this will already know the steelworkers are trying to get into Grove Worldwide. And why not? Imagine the revenue for just one week. When the steelworkers went to Las Vegas last year for a convention, do you think they saved their own money and went?

No, it came from the blood, sweat and tears for the hardworking people they were to represent. Let me tell you how unions work.

When you take a problem to them you will be told, "that is not a union matter, that is between you and the company." I know, I've already been there and done that; I don't need it again. The only time you will know they are there is when you see the deduction on your check!


I've heard a lot of complaints about mandatory overtime. Think the union will change that? Corning has a union and they have mandatory overtime. Anytime you work overtime you pay more in union dues and everytime you get a raise they go up also!

Find some of the people who worked at Stanley Co. and ask them what happened when they were on strike for two weeks. When it came time to get paid they were told, "there is no money in the strike fund to pay you." Not only had they lost two weeks pay, but the money they were to be paid for striking! Don't forget all the unrest at Hennessey products and T.B. Woods.

I hear a lot complaining about the insurance. You have the option to change every so often if you are not happy with your current plan. Corning just ratified their contract. The first time it was voted down because the company wanted a higher premium, with a higher deductible. The second time they voted they were told if the voted no, they would be on strike. They accepted; where was the union?

When Clinton was trying for office the first time he said, "In my four-year plan, every American will have health coverage." When he ran for the second term every American still didn't have health coverage. If the president of the United States can't control health care, what makes you think a union can?

Ask someone who worked at Landis before there was a union there what happened. When they retired all their years of service were not recognized by the company! Many workers at Grove have a lot of years in. Are they willing to give any of them up?

Do you really like the job or the shift you are on? Ever heard of bumping? If a union is there, you may be bumped from the job or shift you are on.

I figured up the union dues until I retire. It comes out to $8,700, but that figure will go up because of raises and working overtime, paying higher dues! I would rather take this money and put it in my retirement plan at work. There it would be invested and make more money, which when I retire would be in my pocket, not some stranger's!

When I went to Grove, I had no training for anything they needed. They invested time and money to give me a skill. Look in the classifieds - how may ads do you see that say "experience preferred?"

If the wages and benefits are so bad at Grove you are welcome to find a better paying job with more benefits.

You better think long and hard before the vote. I already know what my vote will be.

Trudy Stine

St. Thomas, Pa.

Traffic circle a bad idea

To the editor:

The traffic circle proposed for Md. 66 and Mt. Aetna Road is an archaic idea and a waste of taxpayers' money.

The surrounding farmland will probably be developed within the next 10 years or so, making a light necessary. Traffic circles do not stop speeders. I grew up near several traffic circles in D.C. The trees and statues in the circles took a beating along with the human toll.

A proposed solution is to follow the example of Falls Church, Va. They have installed two traffic lights at dangerous intersections with cameras controlled by computer. If the computer program that runs the camera and controls the light senses a light-runner it automatically holds the opposing light red until the intersection is clear. The police can also scan the video that is downloaded to a desktop computer and freeze frames to read the license plate of the offending car.

A further benefit would be inexpensive upgrades as technology permits.

Let's start thinking in the 21st century, not the 19th century.

John Murto


Truck stop doesn't belong

To the editor:

I think those planning the proposed truck stop at the intersection of Md. 68 and 63 are showing a complete disdain for the community with regards to safety, traffic congestion, convenience, environment and quality of life.

I hope they reconsider and withdraw this proposal. The community could react in kind.

E. R. Hornbaker


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