thumb up, thumbs down 6/24/00

June 23, 2000

Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs Up!To the couple who anonymously donated $2 million to the Community

Foundation of Washington County, assuring that $100,000 will go to local charities every year from now on.

Thumbs Up!To the citizens and Hagerstown city officials who launched the Neighborhood Enhancement Effort to clean up rundown sections of the city. For some people, however, persuasion won't work and legal action will be needed.

Thumbs Up!To Robert P. Sweeney, the departing director of the project to bring a University Systems of Maryland campus to downtown Hagerstown for his work in bringing the effort this far.

Thumbs Down!To those members of the Waynesboro, Pa. School Board who are behaving like boorish performers at a pro wrestling match. Consider the possibility that those who are encouraging you are really laughing at you behind your back.


? ? ?Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Hagerstown's Baldwin House, which may be the most rundown historic structure in the county, is the one that will be saved from the bulldozers?

Thumbs Down!To the City of Baltimore, whose suit seeking additional state school funding is now prompting other school systems to consider litigation of their own. Why have a General Assembly if the courts are going to decide what the state spends?

Thumbs Down!To the overly sensitive members of the community, who feel any mention of "God" by a public official is a personal affront. We hope you're just as offended by vulgar language.

Thumbs Up!To the valedictorians and other top students in area high schools' Class of 2000, whose many accomplishments should not only bring pride to the community, but wonder as well, that they could do so much in such a shorrt time.

Thumbs Down!To U. S. Sen Rick Santorum, R-Pa., for refusing who disclose all the names of those who paid for a trip to Rome for him and his family. Somebody did him a favor; the public should know who it was.

Thumbs Up!To Ted and Vicki Bodnar and their Neighborhoods First group, for their proposal to get many Hagerstown residents to "adopt" flower boxes. There should other things growing in the city besides weeds in the cracks in the sidewalks.

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