Letters to the Editor 6/23

June 22, 2000

Pulling together for Marlowe school

To the editor:

The community of Marlowe pulled together for the First Marlowe School reunion. The committee extends a special thank you to the following: The Community of Marlowe, Cecil Foltz and the Marlowe Ruritan, Ethel Bovey, Tony Petrucci of Cassco Ice, Dr. Charley Frederick Pills Band, Handi Shopper, Theresa Fizer, Kevin Foltz, Sherry Rogers and staff of Marlowe School, Matt Cole, Larry Irvin, Bill Robison, Pat Dockeney, Huntington Bank of Falling Waters, and Bill and Jean Butcher. Without the support of the above mentioned, the reunion would not have been successful.

The First Marlowe School Alumni was able to donate $1,000 to Marlowe School for the purchase of a new school sign and to replenish the school library. All donations were greatly appreciated.

Marlowe School will celebrate its 80th year in the year 2002. A reunion is planned for May of 2002.

Come and celebrate with us!


Rose Straley, President

Ruby Foltz, Vice President

Julie Cammer, Secretary

Sherry Dockeney, Treasurer

Cecil Foltz, Jaime Dockeney and John Wright, Marlowe, W.Va.

Bikers deserved a mention

To the editor:

On Sunday June 4, the motorcyclists of the Tri-State area participated in the operation God Bless America and rode to benefit the patients at the Martinsburg, VA Center. Almost 600 cycles rode in this event from Buckhorn Plaza in Greencastle, Pa. to Martinsburg. They raised $12,000. All of it is placed in the patient recreational fund to make their lives a little easier.

My husband and I attend this awesome event every year. We are proud to be Americans. What really upset me was that the Monday morning Herald-Mail did not print one word about this worthy event. Was it because after filling the paper with the BluesFest you couldn't find a small space to congratulate the riders who gave their day to remember our veterans? I think you owe them a big apology.

Virginia I. Mellott


Remember to help our seniors

To the editor:

The State Senior Aide Program is being discontinued as of June 30, 2000. This program is geared to help the seniors who have no family or a means to help themselves. I am a senior, a working senior and I am still able to do for myself but I want to plead for the seniors who need help.

These seniors are our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, the neighbor next door. I'm sure you know someone who needs help - help with their personal care, help with housekeeping, help with groceries. The things we take for granted, they need help with.

Most seniors are on limited incomes. After they pay rent, medicine and food very little or nothing is left to pay for outside help. Some seniors don't drive, some are on oxygen, some have trouble walking, some are blind and some have heart problems.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. The state program is great for our seniors, but now they want to discontinue it. What do our seniors do?

My question is: Why can't we have funding on the local level and not rely on the state? We need to take care of our own in our own community.

We have funding for many other things not as important as our seniors - they need the help so let's help.

I feel each county should be responsible for caring for the seniors who need help; one day you will be in their shoes and happy that someone is there to help you.

Judy Morehead


Draw ye swords

To the editor:

Subject: to all elected officials who do not heed the people's voices.

And also to: Professor Michael Day, quotes from book "The Patriot's Handbook" by George Grant, Ph.D.

Bible verse: Jeremiah 48:10: "Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood."

Judges 5:23: "Cure ye Meroz, said the angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants there of; because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty."

Hurah,! Hurah,! for Roscoe Bartlett. Sounds like this professor is overeducated. The public is not blind with NAFTA.

Lynden Ford Moser


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