New kindergarten report cards could show full day

June 22, 2000|By TARA REILLY

Parents of Washington County kindergartners could see new report cards next year that reflect child development based on full-day classes.

The reports would measure a child's skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments, said School Board President Paul W. Bailey.

Bailey said the board will finish revamping the report cards and send them to the state for approval. He said he hopes they're ready to go by the beginning of the school year in August.

Current report cards are based on half-day sessions.

Up to 60 students from Bester, Winter Street and Salem Avenue elementary schools will participate in pilot full-day kindergarten classes next school year at Marshall Street School.

The board hopes to eventually phase in full-day kindergarten for all classes.

"We hope the report cards will be able to reflect something different than half-day development," Bailey said.

The new reports would have detailed assessments of personal and social development, physical development, math and science skills, social studies, literature and reading, writing, listening and speaking, and art and music.


For example, students would be evaluated on their interaction with children and familiar adults.

Student progress in each of the categories would be marked as "doing well," "making progress" or "not yet."

"Not yet" would means the student hadn't reached the learning objective and a parent/teacher meeting should be held to discuss progress.

There would be room on the report cards for teachers' comments and boxes to record attendance and lateness.

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