Mail Call for 6/20

June 20, 2000

"To the person calling about the church problem, where you are judged to go to church. I never knew you were judged to go to church by the way you dress, but there is a church in the West End called Miller's Tabernacle, North Mont Valla Avenue. You can go there. They are very nice people."

"I would like to say thanks again to another safe year the crossing guard has given my children at Frederick and Memorial. Sarah, you have a happy and safe summer vacation. We will see you again when school starts. Love you, from all your friends."

"I hope the right people were watching Channel 4, Wednesday night, when they had on there about the red lights in Washington and you have to sit there for three minutes and 40 some seconds. We have the same problem also, why don't someone get on the ball and synchronize these lights?"


"To the person who was looking for a church to attend that didn't judge you. Broadfording Bible Brethren Church out on Broadfording Church Road. It is one of the nicest churches I have ever been to. The pastors there are really great. They really believe in the Bible and they preach from the Bible. It is a real nice church, if you would like to visit. They welcome anyone."

"I am responding to the person who is looking for a church that doesn't judge you. We have a small church, it is called St. Andrew's United Methodist Church. It is in the South End of town on Maryland Avenue, extended, across from South End Shopping Center. We have a small congregation. A lot of us have been there for many years. We are like family, we all know each other. We have socials, we have potluck suppers. Our pastor, when he gets up there and delivers the message, you listen. He keeps your attention. We don't care if you come in shirts and blue jeans. We accept everybody. We want you to come and help join together in praising the wonderfulness in the Lord."

"Well, taxpayers, everyone go over to the Marty Snook Park. I see they just planted a bunch of trees and I talked to one of the guys over there that works for the county and he said it costs $20,000. So everyone go over and take a look and see where our money was spent on, just a few trees."

"Would anyone at City Light like to venture a guess as to why the power goes out more in the North End of Hagerstown, than it does in Florida, which has more thunderstorms than any other place on earth? I would be very interested to know."

"To the person who is looking for a church, give Grace Brethren at the corner of First and Spruce in the South End a chance. We will welcome you with open arms, come as you are and you will be satisfied, guaranteed!"

"I saw in Mail Call about the church. The number of our church is 301-824-2325, the name is Blue Mountain Church of God, in Smithsburg. It is located on the Rouzerville/Edgemont Road. You are more than welcome here and will love it. I have been here for over 50 years and loved every minute of it."

"I would like to leave a message to the person who called in about the church. That would be at 750 Park Road, Hagerstown. It is near Starland Roller Rink. It is called Park Road Bible Church. Our Pastor is Ronald Key. I think you would really enjoy this Bible preaching church."

"Trinity Bible Church on the corner of Antietam and Locust Street is a very spirit leading church and we believe that the person's salvation comes first. Our services are 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, Sunday School 11 a.m. for morning and also service on Sunday night at 7 p.m. Midweek service at 7:30 p.m. You will surely be blessed if you try our church."

"You are more than welcome to come out to Longmeadow Church of the Brethren. It is a good church, they don't care about how you dress or anything. Come on out."

"Come to Calvary Temple in Williamsport, they don't care how you dress or anything else. They don't even pass a collection plate, if you want to put in the pot, that is up to you. Come there and you will see what I am talking about. The people will all congregate around you, talk to you, shake your hand and be glad to meet you and don't pay no attention to what you wear. We have a wonderful minister Bobby Robinson, we have singing, the whole nine yards. Come see for yourself and bring a friend."

"The church you would be welcome to come to is Boonsboro Bible Church. It is small and they don't look at what you are wearing or if you are poor. It is beside Mountainside Gardens on South Main Street in Boonsboro."

"I want to thank my mother for my new red truck, I really appreciate it."

"Please come to West End Baptist Chapel located at 101 Buena Vista Avenue. Come as you may and you will be very welcome. Very friendly people, give us a try before you decide."

"I just wanted to thank my grandmother for my black truck."

"For the past two weeks I have missed the Billy Graham section in the Sunday paper and I was wondering if you were going to put that back in? I really miss it."

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