Mail Call for 6/19

June 19, 2000

"I would like for the family of Rita to give me a call concerning getting a plate or a headstone for her gravesite. My children Marcus, her godson Darion and Chelsea have expressed the interest in helping to pay for a headstone. Please give me a call. My name is Laurie. The phone number is 301-582-1456."

"I cannot think of a more severe conflict of interest in local government than two County Commissioners with spouses who are school teachers, given the ability to raise their wives' salaries. Commissioners Paul Swartz and Bert Iseminger have wives who are school teachers. Given their funding, the budget they in effect lined their own family's pockets. Isn't this an outrage? Boy, oh boy, they owe their soul to the company store."

"Do the Joint Veterans of Washington County ever change officers? Seems like there are several individuals, one in particular, who have been officers in this organization ever since its inception. I think it's time for a change there. All of the American Legion posts, the VFW and the AMVETS change officers regularly. It's time for some change on the Joint Veterans Council. Let's see what we can do about that."


"Hi, Mail Call. I just read in the Mail Call section that a family is looking for a church. There is one in State Line called Trinity United Church of Christ. And you are welcome to come. Thank you."

"I'm just calling in reference to the person that wants to know a church that they can attend. There's a good church called Crossroads Community Church and it's held at Potomac Heights Elementary in Bedington, W.Va., every Sunday at 10 a.m. Thank you."

"Does someone out there in the community have a singles group for people? It's especially hard if you're not from the area to meet people your own age. It seems like nowadays you have to be blond and curvy in order to get a chance to meet anyone and there's a desperate need in this community, it's growing, to have some kind of group formed for people that are single, especially people that are not from the area of Hagerstown or Washington County."

"Yes, this is in response to the person who is looking for a church who doesn't care how poor you are or how you dress. I'd like to recommend Faith Christian Fellowship. The pastor is John Miller. I'm a member of that congregation and I can tell you they will not judge you by how you dress or what you wear. At Faith Christian Fellowship, everybody is somebody and Jesus is the Lord, and they will extend a friendly hand to you and we are located at 300 S. Artizan St., Williamsport, and our phone is 301-582-9755, Come visit us and God bless you."

"Patrick Lynch, your family is very proud of you completing the second grade at Emma K. Doub with straight As through the entire year. Congratulations, Patrick."

"Katie Lynch just graduated from E. Russell Hicks. Your family is very proud of you and the awards you have won. Good job. Katie."

"This is in regards to the church that's nonjudgment. Trinity Lutheran Church on Main Street in Smithsburg is probably a church that you would be interested. They have several services. They have a casual 8:30 service, a 5:30 service on Saturday nights and a 10:30 service on Sunday mornings. They don't care how you dress, what you wear, what your income is. You give what you can, you wear what you want and you are accepted and loved regardless. It is unconditional love and you're more than welcome there. We want you, come on over, give us a try. Thanks a lot."

"Here we go again and this is public knowledge, by the way. According to today's paper, Judge Boone has released yet another sex offender back into our community. Is anyone keeping count? If you commit sex crimes against children and are sentenced by Judge Boone, chances are good you'll get a little slap on the wrist and be back on the streets again in no time. This is an outrage. Parents protect your little ones because certainly we cannot trust Judge Boone to do his job to protect our children. Voters of Washington County, keep your eyes on Judge Boone."

"I am responding to the person in the newspaper that called Mail Call wondering what church does not care about preaching anything but preaching the word of the Lord. A good church is Calvary Grace Brethren Church on the corner of Bryant Place and Franklin Street. Any questions call Pastor Douglas Quarter at 301-733-6375."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is Thursday. I just read Mail Call and to the person who was glad that they cut the Head Start in schools for the little children. Well I didn't know there were so many Scrooges in the world. Cause these little kids do get a head start. Because I happen to know because I'm a grandparent of one, and the mother is not a welfare case. But this little child has learned an awful lot from the teachers. Thank you very much. And it's what it says, Head Start. Thank you very much."

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