Mack to make engines for vehicles other than trucks

June 19, 2000|By LAURA ERNDE

Mack Trucks Inc. has formed a new business unit that could eventually bring more work to the Hagerstown engine manufacturing plant.

MackPower will manufacture, market and service a lineup of Mack diesel engines for a variety of commercial, industrial and marine uses.

MackPower has hired five new engineers to develop the new products at its Hagerstown plant. Its sales force is based in Allentown, Pa., said Mack spokesman John Mies.

All the new engines will be made at the Hagerstown plant on Pennsylvania Avenue. Initially, the new orders will be absorbed with existing manpower if about 1,400 employees.


About 60 employees are still due to be laid off Aug. 14 due to an industry-wide decline in new truck orders, Mies said.

In its 100-year history, Mack has made engines for vehicles other than trucks.

"This is a new effort to reinvigorate that part of the business," Mies said.

The new business unit plans an aggressive marketing campaign. Trade show appearances are already booked, said Scott Kress, Mack vice president for business development and general manager of the MackPower business unit.

"The Mack engine is a well-known, well-respected product that has proven its mettle for decades. With a company-wide commitment to this new venture, we fully expect to earn a like reputation at MackPower," Kress said in a prepared statement.

MackPower will sell engines to be used in commercial and pleasure boating, agriculture, construction, mining, firefighting, power generation, material handling and industrial markets.

Initially, Mack will market its E7 mechanical design engine and E7 E-Tech engine, which is a six-cylinder, 12-liter model featuring an electronic pump-in-line injection system.

Mack's E9 engine, a 16-liter V8 design, will be available later this year.

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