Thumbs up, thumbs down

June 16, 2000

Thumbs up!To the management and workers of Mack Trucks, now celebrating its 100th year in business, for working together when times were tough to turn the company around and keep it in Hagerstown.

Thumbs up!To pupils at Hagerstown's Winter Street Elementary School, for reading 23,933 books during the past year as part of the Read Across American program. Students just couldn't stop reading, teachers said.

Thumbs down!To the U.S. government, for agreeing to pay Richard Nixon's estate for papers and tapes seized when he resigned as president. Taxpayers pay twice - once to produce the stuff, then to buy it!

Thumbs down!To the U.S. Census Bureau, whose high employee turnover rate threatens the 2000 count in the Hagerstown area. As important as this data is to the country, somebody needs to be given their walking papers over this.


To the Boonsboro High School student who took his pet snake to school because it was sick and he didn't want to leave it at home. Pardon our ignorance, but how do you tell when a snake is sick?

Thumbs down!To Washington County officials who once again failed to capitalize on the thousands of people who visited the area last weekend for the 10th annual Mason-Dixon Soccer Tournament. This could be another Blues Fest, given someone with some imagination.

Thumbs up!To the City of San Francisco, which is helping new teachers cope with high real estate prices by building a rent-subsidized apartment house for teachers only. What an interesting idea.

Thumbs up!To 13-year-old Jessica Gonder, a student at E. Russell Hicks Middle School, whose poem about the advantages of modern transportation won national honors in the U.S. Department of Transportation's poetry contest.

Thumbs up!To John E. Shockey, who operated a piano and organ store in downtown Hagerstown for 68 years. His store is a part of downtown history and will be missed.

Thumbs up!To the officers of the Humane Society of Washington County for rescuing a dog chained up without food, water or adequate shelter, its hair matted so badly the dog couldn't see. For looking out for the helpless ones, thank you.

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