Letters 6/18/00

June 16, 2000

Another threat? Let the Suns go

To the editor:

Another Blenckstone threat: Give the citizens a choice and we're leaving town.

Listening to this duo use threats at every turn is getting so tiresome that maybe the referendum should be whether to pay for their bus tickets out of town, so we don't have to listen to their constant crying.

Rather than working to help their cause, the Blenckstones seem to think they can get what they want by bullying the taxpayers.

Wrong! Sell the team, leave town, do whatever, but stop threatening us.

You're quick to criticize City Councilman Wally McClure but face it, Blenckstones, he's working for what he believes in rather than crying about it.


He wants nothing more than to give the voters a choice rather than trying to dictate how their tax dollars are spent.

You could learn a lot from this hardworking citizen but I guess you think threats are more effective.

D. Meyers


Hancock has Spanish

To the editor:

In a recent editorial, The Herald-Mail referred to the new foreign language program to be instituted in Washington County middle schools. It mentioned that Clear Spring and Hancock could not institute the program due to scheduling issues.

In fact, we have been offering Spanish as part of our related arts rotation to 6th graders. It is not a year long program, but we have tried to institute the program as means of "introducing" the students to the culture and language.

We have a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Adams, who is a native Puerto Rican who really brings the culture to our students.

She is in her second year and is building a strong program which is making an impact in our high school. Thanks!

Robert T. "Bo" Myers


Hancock Middle-Senior High

Why Rep. Bartlett nixed China trade

To the editor:

In reference to the letter to the editor from Professor Michael Day which appeared in The Herald-Mail on Sunday June 4:

Professor Day, I believe you may not have been told all the facts of the current situation now occurring in China. China is still a communist-governed nation which continues to brutalize and violate the basic human rights of its own citizens.

These violations include - but are not limited to - forced sterilizations and abortions of its women, forced slave labor and imprisonment of citizens whose opinions and views it does not agree with and the squashing of any religion or press with which it does not agree.

And most important of all don't forget the Chinese government has stolen defense technology and secrets from our own country. The Chinese government now has nuclear missiles aimed at our country and its citizens from technology that was purchased and approved by our own government and sold to them by by American companies all in the name of the mighty business dollar and free trade.

Congressman Bartlett and his no vote to free trade and granting of permanent trade status to China was a correct vote. At least we have a representative who has the backbone to stand up for the Chinese people on basic human rights and not to be afraid to upset the so-called party establishment and the big American business community members.

These people only care for themselves and the financial profit that they might gain by ignoring the abuse and brutal aggression of the Chinese government, all in the name of free trade.

Congressman Bartlett I am sure, voted for what the majority of his constituents wanted him to do and also for what he believed in.

Why don't you write him a letter and ask him about the reasoning behind his vote?

Todd R. Cordell


Why spend cash on ball stadium?

To the editor:

I am a young married mother (24) of two children. I wonder: Why so much money on the stadium? I'm worried about my childrens' education, safe streets to walk on, where I can go for extra fun for my children. Not a $15 million stadium!

What are these councilmen thinking? Teachers and places for homeless people to live are more what I'm thinking of as good uses for $15 million. Who would I write to, to tell them, "Hello, wake up"?

Paula Crammer


Small in stature, but big in heart

To the editor:

Junie, like a father, you were there when I needed you most, you took me to raise as one of your own, you treated me like a son. You didn't have to, but you did.

Junie, like a father, you taught me and guided me every step of the way. You didn't have to, but you did.

Junie, like a father, you were always there to lend a helping hand with my school work. You didn't have to, but you did.

Junie, like a father, you took the time to teach me how to drive. You didn't have to, but you did.

Junie, like a father and son, we shared many fine memories together. We never had anything fancy, but what we had was more valued than gold. We had love and respect for one another, the one thing that I needed most that you provided unselfishly.

Your passing left a great void in my life that only a father can fill. Like a son, I will always love you and remember you, as long as the sun sets in the west.

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