Letters to the Editor 6/15

June 15, 2000

Supt. Bartlett, teacher association are both wrong

To the editor:

Superintendent Herman Bartlett is sadly mistaken if he thinks that the low attendance at the recent meeting between teachers and the elected Board of Education is an indication of support for his administration. What the small turnout of teachers does indicate is the total lack of leadership of the Washington County Teachers' Association.

No plan of action detailing the expectations and demands of this meeting was provided to teachers. No expectations were announced and certainly, nothing was done to rally county teachers and produce a large turnout. Furthermore, WCTA President Sharon Chirgott fumbled away the entire initiative, which she introduced at a board meeting in May. She allowed the board to dictate the date and place of a meeting she called.

Even worse, at the last minute, the time for this meeting was changed from an evening start to 4:30 p.m., a time guaranteed to produce poor attendance. Curiously, at least two high schools of which I am aware had faculty meetings after school on Monday, June 5, the day of the meeting.


The depth of this leadership chasm is equaled only by the shallowness of Bartlett's reaction. Indeed, he was so "shocked" to hear charges of intimidation that he had a letter written and delivered to the Herald-Mail within 12 hours of the meeting's end. If he or any member of the board really believes that the low teacher turnout is indicative of large-scale support of the superintendent, then let an independent agent conduct a vote of confidence concerning Bartlett's leadership.

No doubt the real teachers out there, WCTA leadership excluded, would be happy to act upon the results. Would the superintendent and the elected board?

Martha M. Pratt


I'll help Suns pack their bags

To the editor:

Pathetic! This is the first thought that came to my mind as I read the article on June 9, in The Herald-Mail titled Suns: Vote and we will sell team.

This is the second time the Blenckstones threatened to do this. Who do they think they are?

In this article David Blenckstone was quoted as saying, "It's the waiting we find objectionable. We're not willing to wait for a referendum....We're not scared a referendum would fail. It's just the time frame."

What is this guy afraid of? If it is the timing, hasn't he ever heard the old saying all good things are worth the wait? If this is so good for this community isn't it worth the wait? He knows that this referendum stands a real good chance of putting an end to this stadium. Will our governments buckle to this guy's threats?

I am 100 percent behind Wally McClure. I will surely sign the petition to bring this matter to a referendum and then vote no to this stadium idea.

The city and governments had better wake up. This is not a Beverly Hills community. We have water and sewer debt, we are cutting out Head Start, raising taxes, raising fees on services, etc. Then these two governments want to come along and build a cultural center downtown, help fund a civil war movie, build a stadium.

Things had better slow down. These good times will not last forever. What is going to happen when the good times are over? Are we citizens going to be strapped with a bigger debt than we already have?

Come November we citizens had better take a good hard look at the government that represents us and the ventures they want to involve us in.

If the Blenckstones want to move their precious ball team, I will help them pack.

Kenneth W. Kemp


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