Mail Call for 6/14

June 14, 2000

"There has been a lot said in the last year or two about teachers' salaries and stuff. I don't have any kids in school, but I do have grandchildren in the elementary schools. I think part of the problem with our educational system is the tenure for the teachers. You have some teachers out there that just don't care. The vast majority of the teachers out there, I commend you for doing a lot with very little. You deserve a lot more money. There is no doubt whatsoever about that. But last week when I went to my grandson's kindergarten graduation, the first thing one of the teachers asked me was, 'Should teachers get more money?' I want to know how my grandson was doing in school and what he learned. This teacher could care less, she was so worried about getting more money and threatening to leave. I finally told her that I wish she would quit. We need better teachers, then I wouldn't mind paying the money. These teachers need more education, not money. I wish you would get rid of tenure, that way we can get rid of the teachers that don't care and pay the money to the teachers that do care. This tenure is killing us."


"I am reporting a lost dog. His name is Skippy. He is a 35-pound mixed breed with a coat looking like a husky. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. He was lost in the West End on Saturday at approximately 5 p.m. Please call 301-393-5660. My work number is 301-791-6051 and ask for Judy."

"I would like to know if there is anyone going to be selling snowballs with seafoam this year? If so, please call into Mail Call and let me know where you are selling them at."

"I would like to respond to the fight at Boonsboro Carnival. I would like to know why it was swept under the rug. It had in the paper that there were no incidents at the Boonsboro Carnival at all. There were more incidents than just this tragic one that had a young kid admitted into the hospital with stitches and everything else. But yet nothing was mentioned at all about this."

"If anyone found a pair of white and gray Nike tennis shoes on Fair Meadows Boulevard, please call 301-797-8014."

"I am calling about the boy that was beaten at the carnival, if it happened on a Wednesday night, that was my son, please call me at 301-797-6453."

"Concerning the crime situation at the Boonsboro Carnival last week. If you read the article in this newspaper by the Mayor of Boonsboro, you would realize that there were very few problems."

"We are trying to get a co-ed Team together for the MUDD Volleyball Tournament to benefit the Community Free Clinic on July 15. We have a sponsor, so all the fees have been paid. There was a maximum of 12 people on the team and there will be 8 on the court at all times and four of them must be women. If you are interested in being on the team, please call 301-582-5691 and leave a message."

"I would like to thank Sam's Club for all they did in making the funeral for a dear friend Rita less grievous for the family and to help take the burden off of them."

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