Mail Call for 6/13

June 13, 2000

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I sure am glad that Wally McClure is as firm now as he was a couple of months ago. Blenckstone, you're gonna lose!"

"I think the town of Boonsboro ought to take down the new banners until they can be installed properly. They're quite an eye-sore, the way they look now."


"Yeah, I was reading in the paper that this Blenckstone might leave town. Well, they can go ahead and leave. And if it does come to referendum, let only the property owners vote. That's where the tax money is. We'll see, he'll be out in a hurry. Let him go ahead and leave. Who's running this town, the commissioners? Or some baseball guy? Let's get smart, people. Let's vote him out."

"Yeah, I'd like to know who's running the town and the county, the Commissioners, city officials or Chamber of Commerce? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce and the business people are running this town. You're voted in there. Stick to your guns no matter what the Chamber of Commerce or business people say. I'm a taxpayer, and I don't want my money going to no stadium. It's pure and simple. If the Chamber of Commerce and business people want it, let them put all the money up. Put up or shut up. Get 'em out of town. We don't need a baseball team. Didn't have one before."

"I'm calling about the Head Start they're cutting in Washington County. I think it's ridiculous that they can build a stadium and an art center downtown, but they can't have Head Start for the kids. The children need Head Start. Let's do something about this."

"This is in reference to Mr. Blenckstone's item in the paper about selling the team if it's about the referendum. Mr. Blenckstone does not dictate what the taxpayers do or don't do. I'm all for having a referendum. This is the way it should be, 'cause the people have a chance to vote on it. Thank you."

"Hi. I want to put a congratulations in the paper for Smithsburg General Store and their beautiful variety of Thomas the Train, the handmade oak furniture. They've done a terrific job. I want to just say thank you for coming to Smithsburg. My name is Sue. Thank you if you can put this in the paper."

"Congratulations, Billy, for getting your three awards at Salem Avenue Elementary School. Keep up the good work. We're proud of you. Love, mommy and daddy."

"I'd like to commend Councilman McClure for sticking to his guns and doing what the voters want. And also, if Mr. Blenckstone wants to leave - good riddance."

"I was at the Little League Home Run Derby. I thought it was really nice and well-organized. I hope they have another one next year."

"I'm calling about the stadium. I sure do admire Wally McClure in his efforts as a politician. There are very few politicians like Wally left. He really stands his ground, and he stands his ground for the public, not just for himself. Wally, you're on the right track, stay with it. A professional ball team, we do not need in Hagerstown unless a referendum is given and the voters vote for it only. Thank you. Stand solid."

"This is for Councilman Wally McClure. Don't you realize that there are people in Washington County who would like to have a new baseball stadium instead of just shopping at Wal-Mart and eating in all the new restaurants. Having a new stadium will give us a venue that can be used for many purposes. Time for Washington County to come out of the dark ages. Thank you."

"Way to go, Wally! The silent majority is behind you."

"Thank you to Wally McClure for standing up against the Suns general manager, David Blenckstone. He seems to be wanting to blackmail the city and county. I think we deserve a referendum."

"As a Republican for my entire life, I get tired of seeing Councilman McClure embarrass the Republican Party. Now he wants to chase the Suns out of town. Mr. McClure is what is wrong with the Republican Party. They fight change continuously. They ought to look around and see why we are the minority party in this country. People like Councilman McClure continue to be the people who hold back the Republican Party. I favor a new stadium. I don't favor a referendum. And we need new leaders in the Republican Party in Washington County."

"Since all the 'dos' and 'don'ts' for Mail Call, it certainly has gone downhill. I always looked forward to the comments and gestures. Now it's blah! Hooray for Wally McClure. Let Blenckstone build the stadium with his own money. Thank you."

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