Mail Call for 6/7

June 07, 2000

"I want to thank the pastor at the church who gave me a $10 tip on Saturday for delivering newspapers."

"I want to congratulate Justin Arch for the Citizenship Award at Fountain Rock Elementary. Way to go Justin. Love, Nanny."

"In Friday's Daily Mail, the article written by the three young students was very commendable. However, they missed one of the most important products that helps fill our landfills. Disposable diapers is one of the biggest culprits. Paper products will disintigrate in time, not disposable diapers. Just think of how many times you can use a cloth diaper."

"I would like to know with all the new property tax increases and user fees being imposed on us, is there any relief for the disabled people?"

"The mayor of Hagerstown, the City Council and the House of Delegates members and state senator, all have the authority to call the State Highway Administration in LeVale and ask them to talk to the construction people that are doing the bridge over the Antietam Creek on Dual Highway. Tell them to put two more people on that bridge and have four instead of two people working to get it done. It is being delayed and fooled around with. Take a look at it, if you don't believe me. Every elected official has the authority to call and make a request to have them hurry up on that bridge."


"I was in town for the Blues Fest and I couldn't help to notice how Hagerstown has been going downhill as far as the upkeep of their buildings. Even the hospital looked dirty from the outside. Come on people, keep this town clean and get the hospital cleaned."

"Washington County needs to wake up now. Not only are Title I funds being cut and we are losing over 20 instructional assistants. As of July 1, there will no longer be a Head Start classroom in any Washington County school. Board of Ed has lost their funding. The children are going to suffer terribly. Nobody seems to care. Someone needs to look into this now."

"I would like to tell Jan that she positively rocks and I am glad that I know her. This is from James."

"Hey newspaper people, what is the deal with the Saturday paper? One section, everything fits. How can I share the paper?"

"Can someone explain to me why a magnet will pick up some pennies, but not other ones? I thought a penny was a penny."

"My neighbors and I were talking about Tim Rowland's fascinating adventure. The way he wrote that, he was in his best form. It was just a pleasure to read his descriptive passages, they were just great. Thanks for having him."

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