Mail Call for 6/6

June 06, 2000

"If someone stopped and picked up two kittens on Lappens Road on Tuesday evening, May 30, when we were not home, let me know by calling in to Mail Call. We were looking everywhere for them, thinking something happened to them until our neighbor said they saw a small blue truck in our driveway and thought that they had picked them up. We would appreciate just knowing that you picked them up or if something else really happened to them. My number is 301-432-5660."

"I am hoping that the carnivals that the fire companies are having in this area are going to have as much publicity as the Blues Fest did on TV and in the paper. When Tour du Pont was in town several years ago, people complained about them closing down the street for one day. They said it was bad for business and now they closed it down for two days and I don't hear anyone complaining about it. I just hope that the carnivals get the same publicity as the Blues Fest and the Ag Expo did."


"I was making my rounds on Mitchell Avenue and there was a 12-year-old boy standing by his mother's or guardian's van smoking a cigarette. Therefore that is why us Marylanders have to pay these high prices for cigarettes to keep the younger generation from smoking them. We don't need that, we need the parents or the guardians to watch their little darlings so we smokers don't have to pay these high taxes for them doing it."

"I was wondering since the county has found all this extra money and they have all this money to spend on a study for a new stadium, why can't they pay the retired employees of Washington County's insurance?"

"My wife and I make $16,000 a year and now they are raising our property taxes again. I would like to know how much of my income do they want?"

"To the very uncompassionate judge in Hagerstown that told my sister, who was seeking custody of her own grandchild, the question he asked was, 'do you have a daycare license?' Since when do you need a daycare license to get custody and love and take care of your own grandchild? This is what is wrong with this city, the judges."

"Instead of using Mail Call for a complaint column, we should use it as a social column to improve our community. Like giving suggestions for our community."

"It would be nice to see the grass and the weeds cut down at the fairgrounds, especially around the ice skating rink. The grass has not been cut, probably for about a month, and the weeds up there are probably three or four feet high. There is a law in the city that they are supposed to be cut and the city should be enforcing that, since they spent all of that money on that complex, it would be nice to see it taken care of."

"I really enjoyed the Blues Fest, especially Deanna Bogart. She is the best blues singer I have heard in a long time and I hope she will continue to sing for Hagerstown until she is 90 some years old like she said. I had the blues until I heard her sing. Even though she is singing the blues, I no longer have them."

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