Food Resources volunteer donates 10 years of her time

June 05, 2000|By KERRI SACCHET

Working in a room with no windows and receiving no paycheck at the end of a long week did not stop Jean Wainwright from volunteering as receptionist for Food Resources.

Wainwright, 78, just marked 10 years as a volunteer at the nonprofit food warehouse on McRand Court in Hagerstown.

Wainwright, who has been a resident of Hagerstown since 1961, said she has been volunteering for more than 20 years at different places around Washington County including Homewood at Williamsport, Hickory Elementary School, and the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

"I suppose I was getting to the age, what else do you do after you retire?" Wainwright said.

Wainwright said she signed on with Food Resources in May 1990 when the agency had only one other office clerk and the number of people needing food was increasing.

"I just felt more was needed here, and they were so darn nice that I just couldn't quit," Wainwright said.


Brad Sell, executive director of Food Resources, said it has been wonderful to work with Wainwright over the years. Sell said Wainwright mostly volunteered 20 to 25 hours each week, but there were weeks when she was worked full time.

"She is a valuable asset to the organization, and she has provided us with a steady contribution of her work," Sell said.

Food Resources provides food for other agencies such as the Salvation Army, and they in turn distribute food to low-income and needy people, Sell said.

Wainwright said she recently took a two-month break, which is the longest period of time she has taken off from Food Resources in 10 years. Now that she's back from the break, Wainwright said that for personal reasons, she works part time for the organization.

Wainwright said she answers phones, does the mailing and other office work that is needed.

"I like doing the filing; when I graduated high school I worked for 26 lawyers and I did the filing." she said.

"Oh, and my typing although I'm not too happy with having to use a computer."

Wainwright said she limits the time she has to use the computer and prefers her typewriter instead.

Food Resources moved from Eldridge Drive to the McRand Court site a year ago, and Wainwright said she likes the new location and the people.

"It is very delightful to work here, and I now have a big window and door right in front of my typewriter," Wainwright said.

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