Mail Call for 6/2

June 02, 2000

"I would like to know if anyone could tell me what to put on Hydrangeas to make them bloom? I was also wondering if anyone had any Iris roots that they would like to give away?"

"I have been a business person in this town for years, more taxes, higher water bills, for what, so the Suns can have a new stadium? Old or new, does not make people go to the games. Personal property tax on a business, is this a must? Next thing we will be paying personal property tax on what is in our homes. I am ready to close down and leave this over taxed town. I am tired of being taxed to death."

"I would like to address something to the people of Funkstown. Every time I drive through Funkstown, I never have a problem with the traffic, which is everyday. I live in Boonsboro and actually the traffic in Boonsboro is worse than the traffic in Funkstown. I don't know what the people are complaining about. Every time there is something going up, they are always complaining. I wish they would drive to Boonsboro and see the traffic here."


"I am a mother of a 47 year old man who permanently crippled his right arm at a small manufacturing company here and I wanted to thank the nurse who works there for being so kind and helpful in making his life easier. It has been so hard for all of his family."

"I would like to say thanks to the two girls who I have seen sweeping up the streets and cleaning up the downtown area. What a terrific job you are doing. I don't know who is responsible for paying you two girls, whether it is the city or what is left of the downtown businesses, whoever, I am sure that you are not being paid enough for the fine job you are doing. Thanks girls."

"I was wondering if anyone knew of a good weight loss program. I am about 50 pounds overweight and I need to lose it. I have tried everything. I have tried diet pills, exercise. I can't seem to lose any. Can anyone make any suggestions or help me. I usually work out once in a while by myself. I would appreciate it, if anyone had any ideas."

"Why is it that there is rarely anything in the paper in the Calendar of Events about Fountaindale School. Is it that Fountaindale doesn't send anything or is it that Fountaindale doesn't do anything?"

"I want to congratulate Phillip Stottlemyer for receiving the Marine of the Year Award. What an honor for him. He is a very deserving and dedicating marine and it reflects in his lifestyle also. He was very involved in the Toys for Tots at Christmas this year. Again congratulations Mr. Stottlemyer."

"To the neighbors on Key Avenue, I want to thank you for helping us look for our dog."

"To big Bill, Happy Father's Day, we love you very much."

"To the best daddy in the whole world. Happy Father's Day, love Billy and Courtney."

"Is there any possible way to extend East Wilson Boulevard from Frederick Street across to Edgewood Drive to the new Wal-mart Complex?"

"Can anyone explain why the staff at Boonsboro Elementary is so rude? Or is this just the way they were brought up?"

"For the person who called in and told the residents of Crestview Development in Boonsboro to get real. Maybe it is time for you to get real. Cats don't run loose all the time, cats run loose when the owners neglect to keep them in their houses where they belong. If cats can't be controlled and kept from running loose, then don't have cats as pets."

"The new center at Hagerstown off of US 40 is fantastic. A lot of money has been spent to give it a good appearance. However, it sure doesn't give a very good first impression when every store has two to three employees sitting out front on benches smoking. Why not smoke out back?"

"I have one thing to say, taxpayers normally don't have a problem paying taxes if they are paid a decent wage. Keep taxes down, means the same thing as keep wages down, which is what conservative republicans really want."

"My son and I would like to thank the kind man who found my car keys on May 27 at Wal-mart and for returning them to the jewelry department. Thanks to those at Wal-mart who helped us find them. Thanks from J.M."

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