Mail Call for 6/1

June 01, 2000

"In regards to the article about the substitute teacher that taped the student's mouth shut. I just wanted to say that there is a substitute teacher at Eastern Elementary that my kids love. Her name is Mrs. Ridenour. My children have had her a few times this year. I see her a lot at school and every time I do see her, at least one child reaches their hands out for a quick hug. She welcomingly gives one back. I just wanted to say thanks to Mrs. Ridenour, for making my children feeling safe and comfortable when you are in the room and not their teacher. When my children come home and tell me that you were there, substitute, I know that I will have no worries. Thanks again."

"Can anyone tell me if the carnival is still running this week in Boonsboro. I haven't seen any ads in the paper about what the entertainment is or if it is still running. Please let me know how I can get in touch with someone that can tell me this."


"I really enjoy the Tim Rowland column in the paper. He really tells it like it is. Too bad there aren't too many other people that can express themselves like he does. If they don't like it, they don't have to knock it. A lot of other people like his column also. Keep up the good work, Tim, and God bless."

"As a taxpayer, I am curious to know how many studies and surveys were made and at what cost to the taxpayers in reference to the Suns' proposal of a new ball park. Maybe if we didn't have all those studies, the commissioners may have found a lot more money."

"I want to say hello to Marah. Love, Todd."

"I am making a plea to parents of children in Hancock. Children six to 14 years old. The Washington County Recreation Department is once again offering a day camp at Widmyer Park. This is a well-rounded program with qualified counselors. The past few years, this camp has not been held because of lack of interest. At least 15 children must attend. Parents, please support this program, a two-week session for $55, Washington County resident and $65 for out-of- county. Where could your child find a sitter for $32.50 a week?"

"I would like to get in touch with a young woman who bought a number of plants at the Church yard sale on Cearfoss Pike on Saturday, May 27. I donated them and I would be glad to tell you the names of them and information about them, if you would call Mail Call. I also have other plants that I would like to give to you."

"Why is it that young people cannot get an apartment now, without people complaining about them?"

"Can anyone tell me where the North Hagerstown High School 1965 Class Reunion is going to be held and when?"

"Whoever lost a brown umbrella on Saturday at the Memorial Day parade in Sharpsburg can find it at apt. 200 W. Main St."

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